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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Fix to keep your Fitbit Flex or Fitbit Force from falling off!

I bought my first Fitbit Force for $130 at Best Buy in December 2013.  Ten days later, the stupid thing fell off while I was playing soccer.  I called the indoor soccer facility and nothing was given to lost and found.  Dagger.

I tried to think of what I could do.  I checked my iphone fitbit app, and since my phone was close enough to my fitbit, it was able to track me up to the minute it fell off of me.  I was definitely on the field when it fell off.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until several hours later, when I was taking a shower and discovered my missing fitbit.

I ended up contacting Fitbit support and they gave me these instructions:

"We'd like to provide you some tips that have helped other people to locate their misplaced trackers:

- If you have paired your Fitbit tracker with a mobile device (or even a laptop), you can take that device to the area where your tracker may have been lost, and watch for it to sync if it does, means your tracker is within 15-20 feet. This may help you to pinpoint its location.
- If your tracker is able to sync, you can set a silent alarm to see if you can hear the vibrations.

Let us know if you still can't find your tracker in a few days and we will see what else we can do to help"

I was never able to find my fitbit.  Disappointed for losing $130 in 10 days, I raised a 'fit' with Fitbit customer support.  Ultimately, they sent me a new one for free!

I ended up returning the Fitbit Force, and getting the Fitbit Flex instead.  To make a long story short, I really didn't want to lose my Fitbit again, so I found a simple way to keep my Fitbit Flex on my wrist without fear of it falling off.

Basically, I took a small velcro strip:

and cut it into a 1 3/4" strip:

Then, I wrapped it around the Fitbit Flex band:

And fastened it, like so:

Easy to get on, easy to get off, and it keeps the fitbit band from falling off.  Simple fix to a very stupid problem, which should've been resolved at the R&D department at Fitbit.