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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Business Cards in Chinese and English

When traveling overseas, it's imperative to have business cards printed in both Chinese and English. In today's online world, it's pretty easy to get these Chinese Business Cards printed with both languages on each side of the business card. It can also be done rather quickly and most printing sites offer chinese translation for free.

The printing company that I've been using is called They offer a free quote for as many business cards as you may need. In addition, you can fill out their request for quote form and even upload a sample of your business card.   Every time that I've used them, they've responded within 24 hours, sometimes even on the weekends. The business cards were shipped very promptly, and shipping costed me about $10. The shipping charge may vary based on location.

I was able to send them a quote and get my business cards shipped to me within 7 days. The quality of the printing was top notch. Steve, over at, was very helpful with the slight modifications that I needed, and provided a translated copy of my English business card at no extra charge. Awesome service. Check them out if you ever need Chinese translated business cards.

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