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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Offers the Latest News and Advice for Online Poker Players

With its recent launch, (OPRM), brings online poker news, advice, latest rumors, and newest services to all Internet poker players in one simple and easy-to-read website.  From the front page, online poker players can quickly see the best real money online poker rooms in 2012, along with the latest gossip and industry related news.

OPRM strives to be the best in poker room reviews with up-to-date site related information on the most reputable online poker rooms available to players all around the world.  Poker site information is to include ratings, minimum deposits, initial deposit bonuses, and quick reviews on what makes each site the best at what they do.

OPRM aims to provide unbiased reviews of the best online poker sites, and cater to devoted poker fans, and perhaps even garner the attention of some of the top online poker players.  In addition, poker players will be able to seek advice on hands played, and offer their opinions on the hands of others.   There is definitely more than one way to skin a cat, and OPRM looks to offer the freshest ideas and content on everything poker related.

Guest writers at Online Poker Real Money will offer fresh perspectives on their take of the poker industry.  This will ensure fresh opinions and advice, so that the latest content is always available to the player.

Players from the United States looking for a central location for all of the industry related poker news post-Black Friday need to look no further.  Since that fateful Friday, the state of online poker in the US has been in constant flux, and players need to find a way keep updated with the latest discussions.  OPRM provides a repository for these discussions.

There are many online resources that offer the their opinions on the various online poker sites out there, but OPRM looks to build a reputation with their site reviews and advice.  Given the questionable state of online poker in the US, online players need a trusted site to play on that will ensure the safety of their money.   Players want to know whether their deposited money is kept in segregated financial accounts or if they are pooled together with other deposited money.    OPRM looks to answer all of these questions, so that players can focus on playing instead of worrying which poker room their money safe at.  There is no better source for online poker players than at