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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get Started Playing Online Poker

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Online poker is a growing pastime all over the world. The game is played by everyone from professionals to hobbyists. If you are good at poker and know the way hands work, you might wan to consider trying online poker. There are many poker sites available to sign up at and many of them provide incentives to new players. Many of these website offer poker promo codes. These can be found online, many websites are dedicated to providing a poker bonus code to anyone who wants to try the service. Codes can be redeemed for credit at many online casinos, and can be used to get you started with your online poker career.

Promo codes are not the only codes available to players. Many sites offer what is known as kickback bonuses. Kickback bonuses are bonuses given to players who meet certain requirements. Often the bonuses are advertised as given immediately on sign up. While this is technically true, poker sites do not want players simply creating accounts, collecting the bonus, and cashing out. Thus there is a system in place to allow players to cash out their kickback bonuses after accumulating enough points by playing hands. Until they gather the required points, the bonus money can be used but not withdrawn.

There is a reason so many people have started playing online poker. Many people are able to turn what was once a game to play with friends into a full time career. The key is to maximize promo codes and kickback bonuses in order to start out on your own two feet. Once you have a good feel for the way online poker works, you should be able to start bringing in some serious cash, with a little luck and some fundamental knowledge of the game.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Online Poker: Join the Obsession and Follow Your Heart

Betting can be traced back to the beginning of cultures itself. People always get attracted by mysteries or simply love to guess the results of random events. Well, nowadays online poker is getting popular and you will find many inexperienced players out there. In fact, anyone and everyone can play in online casino. However, the only thing you have to take care about is to save yourself from scammers. You need to find a reliable site and a secure connection so that you enjoy the game and have fun.

Since you will be playing with real money, it is important you take all necessary precautions. Make sure you spell the domain name correctly so that you avoid phishing sites. More and more people are opting for online poker and the main reasons are comfort and convenience that they get as they do not have to leave their houses and they have the leverage of playing anytime they want. In addition to all this, they get an opportunity to earn a lot of money in their spare time playing their favorite game.

Check casino reviews so that you choose the most suitable website from US poker sites for playing and earning money. Do not forget to check whether the casino that you are choosing has industry approved software. Do not overlook the bonuses and promotions offered by the site. Shop around and choose the website that is apt for your game and offers you what you are looking for. Remember, knowledge is power. So, if you are a beginner, read articles available online on strategies and tips for online poker players.

Play the game only when you are well prepared so that you do not have any regrets afterwards. If you are new to online sportsbook you should familiarize yourself with the process beforehand. Keep your mind cool and control your emotions while playing.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Golf discount coupons to enjoy the game better

Golf is a game that requires a lot of skill and persistence on the part of players to enjoy it and improve their game skills significantly. Another unique feature of this game is the high costs associated with participating in the game. It is considered as a game reserved solely for the very rich and elite of the society alone. Each and every aspect of the game like the clubs that are used to hit the ball, the balls, the tee, the specially designed shoes used on the grass, the gloves worn on your hands etcetera are known to cost you a lot of money. 

Besides this, you will have to maintain an expensive membership at a golf club to have the privilege to play the game on their golf course. Another alternative is to purchase tee times as per your need by paying the necessary fees. 

For an American citizen struggling to make both ends meet in the current times, it may not be an easy task to afford all these expenses. These people can still look for ways to enjoy their favorite game at reasonable prices. The use of golf discounts and golf coupons can help them to achieve their goals. There are many locations for golf aficionados to get these great offers. The easiest location is certainly the eCommerce stores that sell golf accessories and golf tee times for the general public. Some of these websites do provide you with a lot of free resources to reduce your golf related costs. 

Locating the golf coupon codes over these websites is the easiest way to reduce your golf related expenses. If you do proper homework on your part before purchasing golf accessories and use all possible coupon and discounts, you will be able to enjoy the game and actively participate in it without ending up financially broke.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Golf Video Cameras for Swing Analysis

I've been analyzing my golf swing for several years now.  Since I don't have one of those fancy thousand dollar cameras, I realized that my "cheap" old iphone 4 would do the job.  No, it doesn't give me 60 frames per second, but it does do 30 frames per second which I find is good enough to give me an idea of what I'm doing wrong.

Here's a sample video taken from my iphone 4:

There are other cameras that offer better frames per second. The cheapest are probably the Casio Exilim line of golf video cameras. For example, the Casio Exilim EX-FC100 costs about $200 on ebay. I'm not quite sure if they're worth it or not because although you do get up to 1,000 Frames Per Second, the quality really sucks. You need ample light to get a decent video at that rate.

One of the better options is to purchase a mini-DV video camera. Those start at around $500 or so, used. The Sony HDR-CX560V or the Canon ZR960 MiniDV are decent starter cameras for recording your golf swing. You'll also want a tripod to eliminate the shaky hands.

Another thing that I learned is that it's best to have your golf video camera about 6-10 feet behind you for a "down the line" video, and probably about 4-6 feet for a "face-on" video.

This is pretty much just the start of recording your own golf swing.  The second, probably more important part is learning how to analyze it.  I'm using the V1 Home software to compare my swings with a pro swing.  It's a free software, but about $40 for the pro version, where you get some additional features.  Note that the software only runs on a PC.

The great thing about the V1 software is that if your golf instructors uses the golf academy feature, you can actually send videos to your instructor and have them analyze your golf swing electronically.  I actually did this with my golf instructor and he gave me some pretty good feedback...all electronically.  Here's the video that he sent back to me:

Pretty cool shit, if you ask me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Business Cards in Chinese and English

When traveling overseas, it's imperative to have business cards printed in both Chinese and English. In today's online world, it's pretty easy to get these Chinese Business Cards printed with both languages on each side of the business card. It can also be done rather quickly and most printing sites offer chinese translation for free.

The printing company that I've been using is called They offer a free quote for as many business cards as you may need. In addition, you can fill out their request for quote form and even upload a sample of your business card.   Every time that I've used them, they've responded within 24 hours, sometimes even on the weekends. The business cards were shipped very promptly, and shipping costed me about $10. The shipping charge may vary based on location.

I was able to send them a quote and get my business cards shipped to me within 7 days. The quality of the printing was top notch. Steve, over at, was very helpful with the slight modifications that I needed, and provided a translated copy of my English business card at no extra charge. Awesome service. Check them out if you ever need Chinese translated business cards.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where can I get a good Aced Poker Bonus Code?

Aced Poker is on the Merge Network. The Merge network is one of the biggest poker networks out there. They accept players from pretty much every single country, including the United States. Actually, Aced Poker is one of the few sites that still allow players from the US. Cashout options include bank wire transfer, moneygram, Western Union, and I think they accept Webmoney as well. For US customers, the only withdrawal option right now is via Bank Check. Deposit options for US players are Visa, Click2Pay and Western Union, with a minimum deposit of $10 at Click2Pay.

The current initial deposit bonus is 150% up to $750. Use the Aced Poker bonus code ACED150 to get the initial deposit bonus. If you want more information on the Aced Poker, and/or the bonus, then visit for more information.

For a limited time, starting on April 1, 2012, you can opt in to their $25,000 Chip King promotion. Basically, if you earn 50 VIP in the month, you get to participate in a freeroll during each weekend in April. The first freeroll on April 8th will have $2,500 added, the second freeroll on April 15th will have $5,000 added, the third freeroll on April 22nd will have $7,500 added, and the last freeroll on April 29th will have $10,000 added. Remember, you just need to earn 50 VIP points for the month and you're set.

In addition to the Chip King promotion, Aced Poker is also offering a reload bonus in the amount of 75% up to $375.  Just use the reload bonus code APR75.  This reload bonus is only available from April 6th til April 20th.

Remember, just visited for more information.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Offers the Latest News and Advice for Online Poker Players

With its recent launch, (OPRM), brings online poker news, advice, latest rumors, and newest services to all Internet poker players in one simple and easy-to-read website.  From the front page, online poker players can quickly see the best real money online poker rooms in 2012, along with the latest gossip and industry related news.

OPRM strives to be the best in poker room reviews with up-to-date site related information on the most reputable online poker rooms available to players all around the world.  Poker site information is to include ratings, minimum deposits, initial deposit bonuses, and quick reviews on what makes each site the best at what they do.

OPRM aims to provide unbiased reviews of the best online poker sites, and cater to devoted poker fans, and perhaps even garner the attention of some of the top online poker players.  In addition, poker players will be able to seek advice on hands played, and offer their opinions on the hands of others.   There is definitely more than one way to skin a cat, and OPRM looks to offer the freshest ideas and content on everything poker related.

Guest writers at Online Poker Real Money will offer fresh perspectives on their take of the poker industry.  This will ensure fresh opinions and advice, so that the latest content is always available to the player.

Players from the United States looking for a central location for all of the industry related poker news post-Black Friday need to look no further.  Since that fateful Friday, the state of online poker in the US has been in constant flux, and players need to find a way keep updated with the latest discussions.  OPRM provides a repository for these discussions.

There are many online resources that offer the their opinions on the various online poker sites out there, but OPRM looks to build a reputation with their site reviews and advice.  Given the questionable state of online poker in the US, online players need a trusted site to play on that will ensure the safety of their money.   Players want to know whether their deposited money is kept in segregated financial accounts or if they are pooled together with other deposited money.    OPRM looks to answer all of these questions, so that players can focus on playing instead of worrying which poker room their money safe at.  There is no better source for online poker players than at