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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How to print from a Mac to a Canon MF3240?

I received a Canon MF3240 for Christmas a few years ago.  Great all-in-one printer. However, I got a Macbook Pro a short while later, and found out that this printer didn't work with my Macbook Pro.  Ugghh.

Well, I finally found a solution and it works wonderfully.  No, there still aren't Mac drivers available for this printer...I highly doubt that there'll ever be any available.  No, I didn't hook it up to an airport express, or a network print server (even though I tried); they still don't work because there are no mac drivers available.  I even tried connecting the printer to a Windows PC and sharing the printer for my Mac, but no go-ey.

The solution that I found?  Well, Google has this thing call Cloud Print.  In a nutshell, it's allows printing to any printer wirelessly or over the internet.  Basically, you still need a Windows PC to connect the printer to, but after that, you can use the Chrome browser to connect the printer to the Cloud Print service, then use this Google supported plugin called Cloud Print Lite.  Cloud Print Lite works wonderfully, and it allows you to print from any application to any of your Cloud Print printers.

So, here are the steps that you need to take in order to get your Canon MF3240 to work on a Mac:

  1. Plug your Canon MF3240 to a Windows PC via the USB port.
  2. Set the printer up as a regular printer on your Windows PC.
  3. Install Google Chrome on the Windows PC.
  4. Login to your Google account via Chrome preferences.
  5. In the "under the hood" tab of Chrome preferences, scroll down to the bottom and enable agoogle cloud print.
  6. On your Mac, install Chrome and login to your Google account, and enable google cloud print.
  7. Install Cloud Print Lite from this link.
  8. Now, open up any application, and print the page. (Make sure you click on the "PDF" button, and select "cloud print lite".  This will allow you to select your google cloud print printer, and print to it.
That's it!