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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Take a look at Eli Elezra's house

I just watched this on CardPlayer TV. It shows you the inside of Eli Elezra's house. It's sick. His house is over 10,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and 9 baths. He's got a 74" TV and a special TV room that's built like one of those sportsbooks in Vegas. Or if you've seen Two for the Money, it's just like that. One big television in the center with 6 TVs all around it.

I've seen Eli on High Stakes poker and other tournaments but I never thought he was a great player. He was definitely a good player with big money but he was also aggressive and reckless at times. I guess when you have money, you can play like that but in my opinion he's an above average player, not in the same category as players like Hellmuth, Negraneau or Esfandiari. Although, I guarantee you he has more money than all those guys combined. Eli has over 20 retail businesses in Vegas and owns a night club in Vegas called Seven. So I don't think his house is from his poker winnings but from his business ventures.

Take a look at the video of his house here.