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Thursday, February 01, 2007

AGLOCO - Get paid to surf the net!

So, the AGLOCO viewbar comes out in a few weeks here. I don't know exactly how much money can be made on this thing, but if it does explode, then it could potentially be a huge money maker for those who got in early. From what I've read, 30,000 people have already signed up for this thing...that's nothing...they're expecting over 2 million by July. Also, there are over 1,000,000 pages on the internet that talk about AGLOCO already. And guess what...I don't think they've spent a dime on marketing. This "thing" is spreading by word of mouth, which is the most cost effective type of marketing. I mean, look at,, and All of these sites did very little marketing early on and all of them are worth over 500 million a piece. AGLOCO is a simple idea that could be next "new thing".

If you haven't already gone to the website, here's the basic idea behind the company. You sign up, download this software called a Viewbar, which is an addon to your browser, and then refer your friends to do the same. Ad companies pay for text links on this Viewbar and any search that is performed through the Viewbar, google pays them for that search. It's a pretty simple idea. Companies similar to this is Mozilla Firefox. They offer their software for free, but do you know how they make money? Well, there's a google toolbar installed by default and every search that is performed through the google toolbar is a paid search. Firefox makes the majority of their money through google's adsense program! They made over 52 million in 2005. That's right...$52 million! Pretty sick if you ask me.

So, John Chow has about 455 direct referrals right now, with over 6000 users in his network. I signed up through him. Apparently there's a guy out there that has over 12000 users in his network. The greatest thing about AGLOCO is that once you get started, there's really no work involved. That's the beauty of viral marketing. Very little work, much money.

Here's what the Viewbar looks like:


AGLOCO Viewbar

Anyways, if you're interested in signing up, please do so through my link:

Everything that I make from this thing will be used to bet on sports via a sidebar poll. And the amount of money that I make will be posted on my blog. I'm very curious to see how this actually works out.

Here's an updated on the amount of users in my network. I'm in the top 4% baby!

AGLOCO Viewbar User Count