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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How to Handle Aggressive Opponents in No Limit Hold'em

If you are relatively new to no limit holdem, (make sure you know the Texas Holdem rules properly) one concern you may have is what to do against a very aggressive player. One of the exciting aspects of no limit Texas holdem is that any player can put you at risk for all their chips at any given time, which is an extreme amount of pressure. Many players, especially new ones, prefer not to put all their chips at risk, but there are certainly many players who move chips in with seemingly reckless abandon. What can you do against such an opponent?

First, it is possible to determine how aggressive a table is before you ever sit down. If one or two players at a table have very large stacks, it is likely that it is an aggressive table. The big stacks are not necessarily the aggressive ones, although they could be. It is possible that one or more players have rebought several times. Tables with smaller overall stacks are likely to be less aggressive, although the game may have just started or the composition of the table may have changed. You can also determine how aggressive a table is by observing it for several hands before you sit down.

If you are at a table with an aggressive player, try to make sure that player is on your right. If this is the case, they will act before you almost every hand. Your having position on them, and knowing what they are doing before you act, will counteract some of the effects of their aggression. If you combine that with only playing premium hands, you will be in a good position to combat this player. When you have a strong hand, it is often correct to slow play against a player like this, checking and calling their bets. While it is possible this may allow them to draw out on you, many more times they will simply bluff off all or most of their chips to you. If you have a drawing hand, you should bet “on the come” less often, because reopening the betting may invite them to move you all in and force you to fold. On the other hand, if you appear weak, they may try to represent the hand that you in fact have if your card comes.

Be sure to have a bankroll that supports the game you are in. You will probably be in an all-in situation some time over the course of your no limit holdem session. Make sure you have enough money that you can comfortably rebuy if you lose. Aggressive players will pick up on the fact that you are overly protective of your stack if you cannot afford to lose it and take advantage of this very quickly. For more articles andonline poker reviews, check out

Thursday, December 07, 2006

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