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Friday, June 30, 2006

Tourney update...

Well, I didn't even last till the end of the first round. Let me pre-empt my fate in the tourney by saying that the new setup at the Borgata is sick. There's a friggin HUGE poker room. It's probably the biggest poker room that I've ever seen. They have automatic shufflers on every table and LCD screens that are somehow linked to the main cashier area. I guess they can use the LCD screen to signal someone that there's an opening at the table. Anyways, it's a pretty awesome setup. You have to see it to believe it.

And then, there are three new restaurants and a "cafeteria" which is like any food court in a major mall. It's not going to be a problem finding a place to eat anymore at the Borgata.

So...the tourney. First off, they definately weren't ready for the amount of the people that showed up for this tournament. The line was probably 2 hours long at around 11:00am. It was a $50,000 guaranteed tournament which means that they were expecting at least 200 people to show up. Believe it or not, there was over 500 players that signed up for the tournament. The kitty must've been at least $125,000.

The tourney got started a little late because of the long lines and the chaos of the new poker room. We threw the cards in the air at around 12:30pm - 12:45pm. BTW...I loved the blind structure...10,000 starting chips, 30 minute levels, and blinds started at 25-50. This was perfect for the better players because it allowed more freedom. With the tourneys in the WSOP, you only start with 1000 chips and the blinds started at the same levels. It sucked!

Okay...back to the tourney. There were four hands that lead up to me going home. The first hand:

I had A5 in early position. Blinds were at 25/50. One player before me limped in, as did I. Another player limped in from middle position and the button raised it to 350. Everybody folded, except for me and the middle position player. I decided to play the hand because I honestly didn't think that the button had a strong hand. He took a sip of his water as soon as he raised, which is an instant tell of a weak hand. Anyways, the flop came TJK. I had the nut flush draw and a gutshot. I was in early position, so I decided to bet out 500, for three reasons.

1) I could take the pot down right there.
2) I didn't want to get caught in the middle because the middle position player probably would've checked it and the button most likely would have bet, making me make a decision before the middle position player made a decision...understand?
3) Even if someone called my bet, I still had a ton of outs.

I wanted to take the lead to make the middle position player make a decision before he saw what the button was going to do. This would tell me the strength of his hand. He ended up folding and the button called my 500 bet. At that point, I was thinking that he probably had KQ, maybe pocket queens because he didn't raise me. The turn brought a 4. I checked and the button checked. The river brought a 7 giving me Ace high. I decided to take a stab at the pot because there was over 2000 in the pot and I figured that that was going to be the only way that I could win the hand. I bet out 800 and he thought for a second and called my bet. He showed AJ for second pair. Oh well...I lost about 1600 in that hand. I still had over 8000 left.

In the second hand. I had KQ offsuit in the big blind and just called a preflop raise to 300. The flop gave me top pair and I check raised the preflop raiser to 1500 on the flop. A player in middle position called my check raise and the proflop raiser folded. Me and middle position player ended up chopping the pot, both of us had KQ. That brought me back above 9000.

In the third hand, I had 74 in middle position and limped in for 50. Yeah, I know...a lot of you guys are probably thinking "why in the hell did you play 74 suited?". Well, the answer is was cheap and we were still in the first round. Anyways, the flop came 775. I lead out with a small bet of 300 just to make it look like I was trying to steal the pot. Well, a player in early position check raised me to 1200. I had to see where I stood, so I quickly reraised to 2300. He immediately went all-in. It was a no brainer decision for me. I had to, I folded. He showed pocket fives. I could already tell that it wasn't my going to be my day. At that point I still had about 6000 and change left, so I wasn't in bad shape at all.

The fourth hand...and final hand...I had 99 in late position and the player to my immediate right raised it up to 350. I just called his raise along with 5 other players. Yeah, 5 other players. The flop came AT9. Everybody checked it to me and I bet out 1200 into a 1750 pot. The player in the big blind raised me up to 3000. I only had about 4000 or so left. Everybody else folded. Now it was decision time. A raise up to 3000 didn't tell me shit because he could've had AT or A9 and he still would've bet the same amount and I know that he didn't have pocket Aces. Perhaps pocket Tens? But WHAT were the chances? I decided to just call his raise giving me the option of folding on the turn because the only hand out of the three that I put him on that was a huge favorite against me was pocket tens. Before the turn even came out, he declared all-in. That immediately told me that he had a strong hand and a MADE hand, but I only had about 2200 or so left. I called and he showed pocket tens...IGHN. BTW...I read that on Terrance Chan's blog...I thought that acronym was funny as shit.

So, that was my tournament. I lasted all of 25 minutes...maybe. Did I play bad? Ehh...I don't know...I could've folded my lower set, but there were two hands (AT & A9) out of the three possible hands that I put him on that I could've won with and I was getting about 3 to 1 on my money. Obviously it was a bad call because I got my money in with the worst of it, but it was one of those "how in the world can I fold my set" kind of hands. Oh well...IGHN.

The only good thing that happend today was the fact that while my buddies were waiting in line to pay for the tournament, I sat down at the blackjack table and ended up cashing out with +$1400. My net tally right now is:

+$225 ($50 BJ)
+$1400 (Quarter BJ)
-$280 (tourney)
-$70 ($10/$20 limit)

Net: +$1275

I still have three more days here, so there's still plenty of time to win or lose big. I'm out...time to go gamble...I'm feenin for some action...

No trading today...

I'm not gonna trade today. Tourney starts in 2 hours...the new section at the Borgata opens at 11am. Time to get some breakfast and get ready to win some money!!

4:15am update

I just finished an 8 hour session at the blackjack table. I was down about $2200 at one point, but clawed my way back to +$225. I consider it a win. Time for bed now. I'm gonna try to wake up by 9:30am to get some trading in before the tourney, which starts at noon. Giddy up.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heading to AC ... +$360 on the day..

Alright, I'm out. I'll be doing some early morning trading tomorrow, but that'll be it until next Monday. Remember Monday July 3rd is a short trading day (market closes at 1pm) and the markets are closed on July 4th.

I'm heading up to AC to play in the $250+$30 $50,000 Guaranteed to celebrate their new 85 table poker room. It's gonna be sick. I'll try to take some pictures if I can. And hopefully, I'll come with the big prize from that tourney. I'll try to keep my blog updated with my results.

I'm taking $4,600 with me. Hopefully, I'll come back with more than that! Peace out.

Borgata $50,000 Guaranteed

Covered 1000 MRVL at $44.53 for -$20

Okay...I'm done for the day.

Short 1000 MRVL at $44.52

Time to get my money back on MRVL or lose more. Hopefully the latter....err, I mean the former...

Covered 1000 MRVL at $44.53 for -$100

A little bitter about this trade...

Covered 3 YM at 11220 for -$10

Alright, I'm a chicken shit. I don't like how the volume is declining on the decline. I want to see bigger volume as it continues to go lower. Declining volume on declining price means a reversal is coming soon, so it looks like we're going higher??

Short 3 YM at 11219

The market takes a shit from about that for technical analysis?

Short 1000 MRVL at $44.44

Didn't realize that I shorted it at this weird number. Probably a bad sign. Damn, it's up 20 cents already..that's -$200 in 1 minute. That shit better come back down...

Out 5 YM at 11207 for +$675

Looks like I bailed a little too early. Oh well...missed money is better than lost money. This market is strong as a mofo..

In another 2 YM at 11181.5

Giddy up.

In 3 YM at 11179

F DTT. I'm better than them. I would've gotten about 26 points on my YM short. That's $260.

Covered 2 YM at 11206 for +$10

Okay...DTT just issued an alert to buy QQQQ, which is the Nasdaq tracker ETF. As much as I disagree with them, I'm not going to fight them. So, I've decided to cover my YM short. They must see something that I don't see. Dammit...the YM is now at 11190...covered way too early! Those bastards are DTT are costing me some missed money...

Alright...I really don't know what they're looking at and how they could justify buying QQQQ chance I would recommend that play to chance...

Short 2 YM at 11207

11200 was a prior multi-day high, so we should see some sort of retracement from here. If not, then I will run for cover...and fast!

FOMC meeting

Okay...everybody is sitting on their hands and waiting for the fed decision at 2:15pm. It makes sense. I'm gonna go grab some grub, then hopefully, we'll get some action in about an hour...

Sitting Tight...

I'm sitting tight waiting for the fed decision at 2:15pm. I think most traders are doing the same. I'm down about $140 on the day right now. I can't wait until the soccer games start up again.

Out 1000 GLD at $58.68 for -$110

One step forward, two steps back....

Out 3 YM at 11126 for +$210

In 1000 GLD at $58.79

Gold stocks are displaying pretty high relative strength this morning. And I just saw a high volume breakout to new intra-day highs, which is a good sign. I'm in.

In 3 YM at 11112

Yeah...I think the long side is the right side. And the market internals are in agreement...namely the TICK. Let's sit back and enjoy the ride up.

Out 1000 MRVL at $42.88 for -$180


Out 2 YM at 11108 for -$10

I don't like how it hasn't moved up yet. And my MRVL just tanked 20 cents! Beatch!

In 1000 MRVL at $43.06

Ehh...looks strong enough for me...

In 2 YM at 11109

The markets are strong today. I'm sticking with the trend and buying on the pullbacks.

Market open...

A lot of stocks are gapping up this morning. Will the morning gap hold or will we sell off going into the fed announcement? I'm not sure. But one thing that I know is that I won't be fighting the trend. The trend is my friend.

Also, I've been doing some reading. One of the guys that I follow consistently is Tim Ord from He releases a free newsletter on about once every week. I find that his technical analysis is almost always dead on. This guy is good. Anyways, he's predicting that markets are going higher in the upcoming weeks based on the same reason Greg Capra from is saying that we're going higher: the McClellan Oscillator made a positive divergence on the latest low. You can read Tim Ord's technical analysis here.

So, who am I to disagree with these guys? These are the guys who basically taught me everything that I know about technical analysis. With that said, it's probably a good idea to start thinking about going long instead of shorting this market, as I have been doing over the past few weeks. It's just a thought.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Market close trades...+$701

Covered 3 YM at 11039 for -$150
Bought 3 YM at 11039
Sold 3 YM at 11035 for -$60
Short 5 YM at 11035
Covered 5 YM at 11026 for +$225
Covered 1000 ADBE at$30.07 for -$80

Decent day today. I missed the big runup during the middle of the day, but it's not a big deal because missed money is always better than lost money. Overall, I was satisfied with my trading today. I didn't make any big mistakes like I did on Monday. All it takes is one trade and I get put on tilt. I need to fix that problem.

Alright...I'm gonna go enjoy the sunny day we haven't seen too many of those lately...

Short 3 YM at 11029

Markets are declining and I'm going to take advantage of it.

Short 1000 ADBE at $29.99

Nice rounding top and the markets are dropping a little bit. Perhaps we get a weak close?

Covered 4 YM at 11033.5 for +$120

That's all I wanted...

Short another 2 YM at 11044

Not a good idea to buck the trend, but I like my chances of a scalp here.

Short 2 YM at 11035

Peek-a-boo high. RSI levels are high...we should have some sort of pullback here. Although...the TICK is making new highs!! I probably shouldn't be bucking the trend, but I can't help myself....

Covered 3 YM at 10999 for -$75

I'm not sure if we're forming a triple top or an upsloping wedge....I'm gonna get out for now. Better safe than sorry, as I saw on Monday's -$800 YM trade...

Short 3 YM at 10994

Back from the gym. Time to make some money...and some lunch.

Covered 1000 ADBE at $29.71 for +$80

Covered 1000 RMBS at $20.32 for +$270

Covered 3 YM at 10975 for +$240

Short 3 YM at 10999

Covered 2 YM at 10992 for +$200

Profit should be $200, but my account is only showing a profit of $120. Not sure why? I need to double check my math.

Short 2 YM at 11012

Lower highs. We're going down.

Short 1000 ADBE at $29.79

Markets are starting to turn to the downside.

Out 2 YM at 11013 for -$60

Ehh...let's wait and see...

Short 1000 RMBS at $20.59

It's going higher on lower volume.

In 2 YM at 11019

We're showing some strength here. I'll just go along for the ride.


It looks so tempting to short right now, but don't do it. 10am reversal time is coming up and I have a feeling that we may go higher before we go lower...

Morning update...

It looks to me like we're going lower today. On the Nasdaq, we should go low enough to at least retest the lows, so we're looking at $37.16 on the QQQQ. Same as the SPY, we should go down to the $122.50 area. And probably $138.36 on the DIA to fill the gap.

RMBS is gapping down almost 12.5% this morning. I expect it to go even lower, at least to $18.50 to fill the gap, so that stock should be shortable. Same as MRVL yesterday.

The usual suspects are in play today. SHLD short after a break of yesterday's low at $149.94. ADBE short. Stay away from MRVL today. That's all I see for now.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dunzo... +$1885

Good day today. Makes up for that crap of a day that I had yesterday. I'm satisfied now. I got my money back from yesterday plus more. As a matter of fact, I didn't have one losing trade today. I went 9 for 9. That hardly EVER happens. It SHOULD happen every day though.

Covered 1000 ADBE at $29.90 for +$110

I'll take it. Markets are bottoming here...

Covered 250 SHLD at $150.45 for +$207

Looks like the markets have bottomed here....

Spain vs. France

I expect Spain to win this match. France is not even close to Spain's talent level. Their defense is good, but Spain has the complete package. I'm already looking forward to Spain vs. Brazil. I'm taking the under for the 1st half, under 1, -170 and I'm taking Spain -.5, +145 to win the game. I don't think Spain should be getting +145 for the win.

Covered 1000 ADBE at $29.83 for +$180

Still holding the other half for lower prices, but there's small support here on the market indexes, so we might get a small bounce in the overall market...

Covered 3 YM at 11001 for +$570

Short 3 YM at 11039

The market drops from here...

Short 1000 ADBE at $29.98

This is my second lot. I've got 2000 shares short at an average of $30.01. The markets are weak and it looks as though we're going even lower...

Short 100 SHLD at $150.74

I've got 250 shares short at an average of $151.28 right now. I'm expecting a bigger drop from here. Resistance at $151.00.

Short 1000 ADBE at $30.05


Carnage in the streets... is the kinda market that I like. Complete carnage in the streets! I feel sorry for the longs out there...

Covered 812 ADBE at $30.05 for +$263

Markets may be putting in a short term bounce here, as I'm seeing a lower volume retest...

Short 812 ADBE at $30.40

I tried for 1000 shares, but only 812 got filled. This puppy is going much lower...

Covered 1000 ADBE at $30.45 for +$100

Let's see where we bounce to...I think we're still going lower...

Covered 500 MRVL at $45.79 for +$175

Volume to the downside is decreasing, which is not a good sign. If we get a bigger volume break of the lows, then I will reconsider shorting.

Short 150 SHLD at $151.66

This stock is going's just a matter of time. I was right on MRVL and I'm right about this stock.

Covered 500 MRVL at $45.83 for +$155

I'm gonna hold the other half for the cliff dive...

Short 1000 ADBE at $30.55


Short 1000 MRVL at $46.14

We're going lower...

Brazil vs. Ghana

I've been waiting for this game since they announced the second round brackets. I think that this game is going to be closer than most people think. Maybe 1-nil Brazil? I don't think Brazil will have an easy time scoring on Ghana, and I don't think Ghana will be able to score on Brazil at all. Ghana's defense is actually pretty good. And Brazil's defense is probably the BEST.

I'm gonna take the first half under 1, +105. And under 2.5, +110. Both to win $100.

Covered 3 YM at 11113 for +$150

I'm taking quick profits today because of the uncertainty of the markets. I'm not gonna make the same mistake as I did yesterday.

Short 3 YM at 11124

Looks like an M-top, then pullback up to resistance.

Morning watch...

Look at MRVL, down 6 points at $45.74. I should just stick to swing trading, like I was doing back in the days!

The markets are still in "wait and see" mode. I'm guessing that the volatility will pick up after the fed meeting and announcement on Thursday afternoon.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Done for the day...-$1050

Dammit...not a good day. Here were my closing trades:

Covered 1000 YHOO at $31.56 for -$10
Covered 6 YM at 11123 for -$800

Umm...-$1050 for they day. I tried to buck the trend on that YM trade and couldn't get myself to bail on it when it went against me. And there was absolutely no retracement after it went up. Literally, it went straight up starting at 3:15pm right into the close.

I get so bitter when I make trades like this. Not only that, but I'm forced to exit my trade at the close, which means that I can't get even. However, it's probably a good thing that I no longer hold positions over night because a few months ago, I probably would've held onto that losing position only to see it gap up higher the next morning making me lose even more money. I'm starting to be a little more discplined. I'll make that shit back tomorrow...

Short another 2 YM at 11113

Might be getting myself into a little bit of trouble here...

Covered 1000 YHOO at $31.54 for +$10

Breakeven after commissions. Still holding 1000. The markets are trying to make a run here...

Short another 2 YM at 11091

Short 2 YM at 11086

I'm not convinced that the markets are going higher. I'm only doing 2 contracts because the markets are choppy as hell....complete lack of conviction either way...

Switzerland vs. Ukraine

Switzerland was the only team in the first round not to give up a goal. Ukraine can't score against good defenses. So, I'm betting on first half under 1, -175 and under 2.5, -210 for the game. Under, under, under. If they score two goals in the first half, I'm pretty much done...heh. The stock market is a lull today anyways, so I need some sort of action. Giddy up.


I haven't seen a day like today in a long while...we've been stuck in a narrow trading range for the entire morning. Good thing there's a soccer game on right now...otherwise, I'd probably be snoring. I might have to fire up some Party Poker.

Short another 1000 YHOO at $31.55

I like my short here. The markets are weakening...there just doesn't seem to be any buy interest...

Short 1000 YHOO at $31.55

DTT pick. Looks good to me.

Out 3 YM at 11083 for -$138

Ehh...I feel like I'm forcing trades today...

Out 1000 QQQQ at $30.28 for -$80

This was a DTT pick, which I agreed with, but I guess we both suck....

In 3 YM at 11091

Looks like we're forming an upsloping wedge, which means that we're eventually going to break to the upside. At least, that's what I'm hoping will happen...

Australia vs. Italy

Since I don't have a clear choice in this match up, I'm going to take Australia +1, -115. I don't see Italy blowing them out, so I'll take the point that they're giving Australia. $115 to win $100. I'm down about $400 right now from my World Cup sportsbetting. I can't seem to stay above my breakeven point! Maybe that's why sportsbetting is so damn hard to win at.

In 1000 QQQQ at $38.35

Let's see what happens. We broke higher on higher volume, so we should be going higher...

What up?

No clue which way the markets are going today. Again, all of my indicators are right in the middle, so we could go in either direction. I guess we'll wait and see...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Portugal vs. Netherlands - Halftime

I'm still not convinced that Portugal will win this game, especially now with only 10 men. The Netherlands had so many more shots on goal than Portugal did in the first half. It's just a matter of time before they put a few in the net. I'm taking the Netherlands at halftime for -.5, -150. $150 to win $100.

Portugal vs. Netherlands

I'm not convinced that Portugal is that good of a team. I guess that's why the Netherlands are favored in this matchup. However, there's a heavy price tag on the spread, +.5, -175, which means two things....the linesmakers are expecting the Netherlands to win, but a lot of bettors are betting on Portugal to win. I don't know about you, but I always like siding with the linesmakers because they know their shit. I'm taking the Netherlands -.5, +155. $100 to win $155.

England vs. Ecuador

Wynalda on ESPN keeps saying that he thinks Ecuador will beat England in the second round, but I don't buy it. England is a good friggin team. Ecuador? I think their true colors came out when they played Germany and got romped. I'm taking England to win. The spread is -1, -115 and the money line is -190. I'd rather pay the extra money for the straight up win as I doubt that it will be a tie at the end of regulation. I'm gonna double up on this one. $380 to win $200.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Argentina vs. Mexico

Same with this chance that Argentina loses to Mexico. Mexico is just not good enough. I'm taking Argentina to win, -285. Yeah, I'm dropping $285 to win $100.

Germany vs. Sweden

There's no chance that Germany loses this game. -.5, -175. I'm waginer $175 to win $100.

Friday, June 23, 2006

This is hilarious...

This dude just made a huge name for himself...he's on all of the major networks and radio talk shows just because he recorded a conversation of himself trying to cancel his subscription to AOL. You gotta watch this CNN clip:

Have a good weekend...

+$280 on the day. +$3275 for the week. Only one losing day this week! If only every week were like this week...

Okay...I'm done. I'm mentally drained right now from staring at this screen all day. Time to hit the gym. Torn ACLs are no joke. I'm about 8 weeks post-op. My knee is still not at full strength yet. Four more months of rehab and I should be back on the soccer field again. I've got a couple of friends who want to test my golfing and basketball skills. Of course, for money, so I look forward to teaching those bastards a lesson (not to talk shit), especially when I'm a cripple.

Have a good weekend.

Covered 1000 MRVL at $51.32 for +$100

That's what I call a quickie...MRVL always seems to take a little dip towards the close...

I'm done for the weekend...

Short 1000 MRVL at $51.42

One last hurrah before the weekend comes...

Quick buck...

For anyone who trades futures and wants to make a quick buck...look to buy the YM right below the lows of the day at 11063. We should get a 10 point bounce at the minimum....

Covered 1000 ADBE at $30.61 for -$50

Yeah, I was down a boatload on this one too...I'm content with the small loss. It's a lock that I go for round two soon...

Covered 5 YM at 11097 for +$459

I've been en fuego with my YM trades lately...

Covered 1000 MRVL at $51.68 for -$110

Umm...we went as high at $52.28 at one point. I was down about $710 at the worst levels. This is not something that I recommend doing. We may go lower from here, but I'm not gonna hold to find out. I'm content with my small loss. Besides, there should be a little bit of support at the $51.65 level.

Short 3 YM at 11117

Lot of resistance at the 11120 area.

Switzerland vs. Korea

I'm taking Switzerland -.5, +110 and over 2.5 +145. Let's see what happens. This is an imporant match for both teams!

France vs. Togo

I'm hoping that Togo puts up a fight. That and the fact that France can't score! I'm taking Togo +.5, +185 and under 2.5 +135. $100 to win $185 and $100 to win $135. I'm looking for a 1-1 tie or a 1-0 win by France.

Short 2 YM at 11115

Covered 1000 ADBE at $30.82 for -$260

One of my bad trades....I'm just clawing to get my money back right now...not a good position to be in...

Feeling the pain...

Oh man...I was going to take my losses right before lunch time and then the markets all of the sudden decides that it wants to go higher...I'm definately feeling the pain right now on my shorts. What to do, what to do? There really hasn't been a dip since the rally started at 12pm. What a crazy Friday huh? I guess I'll have to take lunch a little later...

Short another 1000 ADBE at $30.72

I hate doing this, but it's the only way that I ca get even on this puppy. I've got 2000 shares short at an average of $30.56 now.

Covered 150 SHLD at $152.22 for +$64

Lunch time...

Covered 2 ES at $1255.25 for -$150

This is why I don't trade the ES.

Short 2 ES at $1253.75

ES is the symbol for the S&P 500 futures.

Why do I keep shorting MRVL?

Here's my technical analysis on MRVL:

The first thing that I look at is the daily chart. This tells me the short term trend of the stock. Notice the declining 20 and 40 period moving averages (blue and yellow lines sloping downwards). These lines tell me that this stock is in a downtrend, so I should be looking to short the stock.

Secondly, I look at the 15-min chart. This chart gives me the support and resistance lines. Notice how MRVL is making lower highs with resistance around the $51.65 area. So, I should be shorting around the $51.65 area.

Lastly, I look at the 2-min chart for an entry point. Notice the topping tail around 10:24am. Also notice that the uptrend line was broken around 10:40am.

Of course, as I'm writing this, MRVL is going higher with volume...not good for a short! As you can see, things don't always work out the way that I want them to, but with technical analysis, you can turns the odds in your favor...kinda like when you get all of your money in with pocket aces against pocket kings. Daytrading is all about taking the higher percentage trades in your favor, very much like poker! There's no point in taking 50/50 wagers because it'll be just like flipping a coin for a thousand bucks. It's all about taking the easy money...

Covered 3 YM at 11079 for +$467

Like I said....let's make some money baby!

Short 1000 MRVL at $51.57

Looks like an M-top in the markets...I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the ride down...

I've got 4 positions now...not a good idea, but I've got mad reflexes, so if the markets turn to the're gonna see me running for cover like a mad man, like a grenade being thrown at me...

Short 3 YM at 11111

Looks like a breakout failure...the last high was made on lower volume and a lower TICK. Let's see if I'm right or not...

Out 1000 AAPL at $59.63 for -$180

My favorite stock never fails of these days, I'm gonna get even...and when I do, it's going to be in a big way...

Short 150 SHLD at $152.65

It's go time...

Short 1000 ADBE at $30.42

In 1000 AAPL at $59.81

DTT's already down to $59.48....why do I even bother taking their picks? All of the ones that I take are losers...

My favorite friggin stock...POS.

Missed it...

Well, I was too late getting my bets in, so I guess I'll wait till halftime. I'm down a total of $209 right now in my sportsbetting endeavors...

Short side...

Looking at the morning action, I think the short side is the right side, today, so I'm going to be looking more for shorts than longs today. The usual suspects will be in play...MRVL, QQQQ, EBAY, etc...

shit...the games are about to come on...time to put some bets in...

Let's make some money...

I'm not sure which way the markets are going today as there is no clear direction from the charts. Like usual, let's wait till 10am and play em as I see em...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Market Recap...-$46

Frustrating day today. I didn't started trading until around 12:30pm or so. I had some nice positions, but I didn't take profits on them because I thought that they'd make me some more money. Remember, greed and fear drive the market. I think I got a little greedy today. I definately got a little greedy today. If I were disciplined, then there's no way that I would've let a winning trade turn into a loser. From +$500 to -$200. That's a $700 swing. F me...I feel so unsatisfied.

Time to relax a little bit and finish this Brazil vs. Japan game.

Covered 3 YM at 11095 for +$190

Alright...I don't feel satisfied from today's trading...

Covered 1000 MRVL at $51.60 for -$180

Booo...I had a $500 gain on this at one point...

Afternoon games...

I totally forgot about the afternoon games. Brazil just scored an equalizer in injury time in the first half...I was pretty shocked to see Japan leading when I turned the game on.

Short 3 YM at 11109

Covered 700 MRVL at $51.48 for -$50

Alright...not sure what's going on here...I'm taking 700 shares off of the table. Still holding 1000 shares short at $51.43...let's see what happens...

Covered 1000 QQQQ at $38.16 for breakeven

Alright...that stock was moving too slow as well...I just need MRVL to tank now...somewhere below $50.80 would be nice....

Short another 700 MRVL at $51.34

There are a lot of people that bought the breakout above $51.65...they're all stuck up there right now. There's no chance that we go back up to let them all chance...

Covered 1000 CSCO at $19.58 for +$20

Watching this stock is like watching the PBA...boring as hell...I'm out...

MRVL...we're going's just a matter of time...

Short 1000 CSCO at $19.60

DTT pick.

Short 1000 MRVL at $51.50

Alright...I'm back in on the short I said, the markets look like they're going to fall off of a cliff...

Short 1000 QQQQ at $38.16

Looks like the markets are real close to falling off of a cliff...

Out 1000 MRVL at $51.58 for -$100's too scary on the long side because there's no support below. If it runs up, then I'll just short into strength...I feel much more comfortable doing that instead of sitting on the long side here....

In 1000 MRVL at $51.68

Maybe I'm stupid for playing this on the long side, but from my experience, it looks like MRVL will go back to retest the high from here...short term...then it should drop like a brick to fill the gap...

Covered 1000 MRVL at $51.70 for +$80

I'm gonna short this puppy higher...hopefully...I still think it's going to $49.15 to fill the gap...

Covered 100 GOOG at $399.95 for +$105

Short 1000 MRVL at $51.78

We're going back to the $49.15 area to retest to gap...

Out 3 YM at 11109 for -$100

Short 100 GOOG at $401.00

In 3 YM at 11115

USA vs. Ghana

Ghana's a good team. They're favored by a half a point. However, I seriously doubt that the US will lose to them. We will either win or tie. I'm gonna take the bait and wager $130 to win $100.

Italy vs. Czech Republic

I think Italy will take this game. Not only because the US needs them to win, but I think that Italy is a slighly better team than Czech is. I'm taking them to win for +105. $100 to win $105.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ivory Coast

I was sweatin that game for a little bit. I got lucky because Ivory Coast was awarded a penalty kick with about 6 minutes left in the game....Phew!

Don't sleep on Ivory Coast...2-2 now...

I just need one more goal. And I need a goal from Argentina. Ivory Coast is absolutely killing SMT on offense, but they let two stupid goals in because their defense stinks. In my opinion, IC is definately dominating this game...

Wednesday Market Recap...+$1021

Shit...MRVL just tanked 30 cents right after I sold. If only I would've held for another 20 seconds, I would've been $300 richer. Oh some and some you win less.

Another good day today, except for those SHLD trades. Forgive and forget...whatever...I never forget...

Tomorrow's a big day...USA vs. Ghana and Italy vs. Czech Republic. For those of you who have no idea what's going on in the World Cup, if USA beats Ghana and Italy beats Czech Republic, then we're into the second round. YUP! HUGE FRIGGIN GAME.


Due to tomorrow's game, I probably won't be trading until after the game...if at all. I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna paint my face red, white, blue and run around the streets of DC if they win. Alright, I probably won't do that, but I'll be sure to take pictures if I did.

Boogster Out.

Closing trades...

Short 1000 ADBE at $29.94
Covered 3 YM at 11160 for +$173
Covered 1000 ADBE at $29.90 for +$40
Covered 200 SHLD at $153.31 for -$11
Covered 1000 MRVL at $51.40 for +$260

I'm done for the day...

Short 3 YM at 11078

I'm in for a quickie...


Serbia and Montenegro is up 2-nil in the first 20 minutes...what a bad friggin bet huh? I suck at sportsbetting...absolutely stink at it.

Short 1000 MRVL at $51.66

I've got both soccer games up on my plasma...split-screen baby...although, one of the screens is not in HD...the difference is astounding...

Short 200 SHLD at $153.20

I never learn...

Serbia and Montenegro vs. Ivory Coast

This game is meaningless, except for the two teams...neither of which want to walk away from the World Cup with three losses. Ivory Coast is a good team...I'm taking them to win by a landslide...for 3 bills. $330 to win $300. The spread is -.5, -110.

Argentia vs. Netherlands

Both teams have already locked up a spot in the second round. I like the fact that Argentina is only -.5, -110, which means that there's probably a bunch of wagers on Netherlands. I'm gonna take Argentina for $110 to win $100.

Out 150 SHLD at $153.81 for -$88.50

Why do I hate losing so much? I just can't get myself to let a stock get the best of me...I ALWAYS have to get even. I have this attitude of "I'm gonna get my money back on this stock or go broke trying...nobody takes my money...NOBODY". This is definately one of my biggest flaws...but I must also say that, at times, I think it helps me become a better trader in the long run. From every mistake comes a lesson...

I know, I order to become a GREAT trader, I need to release these emotions and let the bad trades go...

It's a lock that I end up making one more bad trade on SHLD before the day is over...hah...I'm such an undisciplined trader...

Out 2 YM at 11201 for +$20

DTT is calling for a QQQQ short, so I'm gonna step aside here. They obviously see something that I don't see. Perhaps high RSI? It seems like that's the only indicator that they use...anyways, I'm not gonna go against them and go long the YM (Dow Futures)... I'll just wait and see.

Don't do anything stupid!

In 2 YM at 11200

This market is way too chance I'm bucking the matter how bad it looks. Look at GOOG today...$402 +$15 and still

Out 1000 SNDK at $52.74 for +$340

Looks like the markets maybe turning to the downside...

In 150 SHLD at $154.40

The short side didn't, let's try the long side. The 15-min chart says that it's a buy! If this trade goes sour, then I'm gonna be bitter...

In 1000 SNDK at $52.40

If a market fails to go lower after a runup, that means we're going higher...

Covered 4 YM at 11183 for -$80

Alright...gym time, then lunch, then the afternoon soccer games start. I have no open positions right now.

Covered 150 SHLD at $154.03 for -$140

Alright, I've had enough. Looking at the 15-minute chart, it actually looks pretty bullish, so I don't know why I've been shorting in the first place. I should've waited for confirmation before shorting...

Short another 2 YM at 11195

I'm definately getting myself into trouble today. That's what happens when I don't follow the trend. The trend is up. Alright, I'm just trying to get my money back so that I can go to lunch...

Short 2 YM at 11165

We're moving higher on lower volume and we're at the resistance point.

Short 150 SHLD at $153.08's already gone up 50 cents. I just looked at the chart of the YM and we should stall around the 11165 area, which is only about 6 points away. This market is strong, but I think we're going into consolidation/retracement mode very shortly here...

Out 3 YM at 11139 for +$30

It's taking WAY too long to move higher, which means that it probably won't move higher...I'm out.

Nice...Mexico just got a PK...

In 3 YM at 11136

Markets look strong...

Out 100 GOOG at $397.54 for +$121

I'm not exactly sure how much money I've made through DTT picks. I paid $995 for the subscription, so I need to make that amount up, at the minimum.

Out 150 SHLD at $154.00 for -$42

I hope this wasn't a fakeout...if so, I'm going to reshort in a little while...

In 100 GOOG at 396.33

DTT pick. You know what that means...I'll probably lose on this trade.

Short 150 SHLD at $153.72

Here we go...don't do me wrong...

Out 1000 SNDK at $52.30 for +$400

Good way to start the day...gotta be careful of the 10am reversal time though....

In 1000 SNDK at $51.90

The markets are strong today...I'm going to be buying on dips until the trend changes...

Iran vs. Angola

Angola actually still has a chance to advance to the next round. Iran does not. Angola is not a bad team...Iran's got a lot of holes in their game, like their defense, for instance. I think it's going to be a high scoring affair, so I'm taking the over. Over 2.5, +125. $100 to win $125. And just for kicks, I'm gonna take Angola pickem, -150. $150 to win $100.

Portugal vs. Mexico

Portugal has already locked in a spot to the second round. Mexico is still fighting for their spot. Honestly, I don't think that Portugal is that great of a team. And Mexico, I haven't really watched them play. I have, but not really. Whatever the result is, I have a hard time believing that Portugal will win this match convincingly. So, I'm going to take Mexico +.5, -180. I hate laying the 180, I think it's the best bet. $180 to win $100 on Mexico to win or tie.

Morning hot one...

Short SHLD on the open today. This puppy is going's trading at $152.30 x $152.41 right now. I looked at the chart on SHLD about 10 times last night and compared it to a bunch of other charts in similar situations. We're going down...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Market Recap....+$426

Plus is always better than minus. If I didn't make those trades on SHLD and HANS, then I would've been over a thousand on the plus side. Oh and learn.

Alright, I'm drained...I'm done for the day.

Covered 500 MRVL at $50.44 for breakeven

It's closing time...I'm not holding anything overnight...

Covered 150 HANS at $161.04 for -$637.50

Umm...that was an expensive way to learn about a stock. Plus the $150 that I lost on SHLD this morning, it's probably a wise idea to watch a stock before playing it for the first time...or perhaps I should've just stuck to my usual suspects.

Covered 3 YM at 11082 for -$150


Short 500 MRVL at $50.44

Only a half lot...

Covered 1000 MRVL at $50.18 for +$890

Boo yah! Looks like we may be going lower, but I don't like the decrease in volume to the downside...

Trinidad and Tobago vs. Paraguay

Trinidad and Tobago is NOT a bad team. Paraguay hasn't a scored a goal in this World Cup. Who do you think the favorite is? Yup, Paraguay. T&T needs to win this game...Paraguay wants to play the spoiler. I'm taking T&T +.5, +108. $100 to win $108. I'm also taking the over in this game, over 2.5, +115. $100 to win $115.

England vs. Sweden

England has already locked up a spot in the second round. Sweden is a good team, but not nearly as good as England is. Besides, that kid Wayne Rooney is coming back into the lineup today. I'm taking England in the pickem, I don't see them losing this game. They may tie it, but they won't lose it. $170 to win $100.

Covered 3 YM at 11080 for +$400

It looks like we're going lower, but the volume on this last dip was relatively weak. Lower volume retests are signs of a bottom...not further downside, so let's wait and see.

Short 1000 MRVL at $51.07

Beautiful setup...let's see how it pans out...

Short 3 YM at 11107

I'm still holding onto my HANS short at $156.80...

Out 1000 GLD at $56.77 for +$50

Looks like the markets are gonna come back down for a little bit here...

Out 1000 GLD at $56.75 for +$30

It's not moving fast enough to the upside...I'm taking 1000 shares off of the table...let's see what happens...

In another 1000 GLD at $56.80

I've got 2000 shares at an average $56.72.

In 1000 GLD at $56.63

I'll give it a shot. I'm obviously on the wrong side of the trade today with my shorts because this market is showing a lot of strength.

Covered 150 SHLD at $151.58 for -$150

Oh damn...this stock sucks...

Short 150 HANS at $156.80

Same as SHLD...I don't know this stock very well. Let's see what happens...

Short 150 SHLD at $150.57

I'm not very familiar with this stock, so I'm gonna tread lightly.

Out 2 YM at 11035 for +$10

Peanuts. I'm watching SHLD for a possible short right now...

In 2 YM at 11034

Just for a scalp. 10am reversal time.

The Markets...

I think we're bottoming's just a matter of time. I was looking through all of my charts last night and I'm seeing a lot of buying opporunties...A LOT of them. I think that the gold sector is riping up for a very nice bottom...there should be plenty of money to be made there in the upcoming months. GLD, GG, BGO...just to name a few stocks in that sector.

If I had to choose a short though, I'd have to say HANS. It's way overextended from its 20 period MA on the weekly chart and its made a nice rounding top. We should get a pullback to the $140 area at minimum.

Other than that, I'm just gonna sit here and watch for a little while before entering any trades because the markets are still displaying a neutral tone. We could go either way today and I've found that I've lost the most money on days in which I had no idea which way the markets were going...discipline baby...I'm learning...

Poland vs. Costa Rica

Both teams are playing for pride as they're both out of contention. I think the game will be sloppy with little emotion. I'm taking the Over. Over 2.5 -105. Wagering $105 to win $100.

Germany vs. Ecuador

Both teams are already in the second round, however Ecuador currently leads the group with a +5 goal differential versus Germany's +3 GD. The second place team will most likely play England in the second round. Both teams have averaged 2.5 goals in their last two games. Ecuador has held both teams scoreless, while Germany has allowed only 2 goals. I think the best play here is the Under. Under 2.5 -105. Both defenses are solid...Ecuador will be content with a tie and Germany's offense is not THAT good. I'm wagering $105 to win $100 on Under 2.5.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pay da man his money...

I got a little scared there in the 70th minute with Spain still trailing 1-0, but I knew that they'd pull it off. I had $570 riding on this game! I ended up winning $330. With this win, I'm on the plus side now...+$116 to be exact. Time to make some real money in tomorrow's games...

Market Recap...+$1594

Good day today. I always seem to start off the week on a good note, then I get a little greedy/cocky towards the end and I lose some money back. I'm gonna try to not let that happen again this week.

BTW...I just put another $200 on Spain -1, +115. Confidence is key.

Covered 1000 ADBE at $28.75 for +$50

Good day today.

Out 2 YM at 11037 for +$70

Short 2 YM at 11045

Nice fluid move up to resistance. This is just for a quick scalp...

Short 1000 ADBE at $28.80

Back in...this could be my new favorite stock...

Covered 2000 ADBE at $28.58 for +$670

I shorted another 1000 at $28.90, which gave me an average of 2000 shares at $28.915. I covered at $28.58 for a nice friggin gain.

Poker thoughts...

I played in a $1/$2 NL game last Thursday night. A hand came up in which I folded the better hand. I'm trying to think of a way to counteract my fold. Let me explain the hand first:

I had pocket Aces in the big blind and raised it up to $17. Two players in late position call. The flop came 7-8-9 rainbow. I bet out $65 into a $52 pot. The player to my left immediately went all-in for another $120 or so.

Usually this is a no brainer decision for me, I fold. There's a straight out there, there are many possibilities...none of which my Aces are a heavy favorite against. The question is this...if someone were to catch on to the fact that I bet big on the flop only if I have a big pocket pair, then they could take advantage of the fact that I would fold to any big raise. Know what I mean? If I don't bet big enough, then I give the straight draw a reason to call. If I bet too big, then my opponent could push all-in knowing that I would most likely fold because I can't call with a big pocket pair. See my dilemma here?

I ended up folding and my opponent showed a T-Q for an open ended straight draw...on a semi-bluff. I could've called, but if he had trips or a straight, or even a pair with a open-end straight draw, I would not have been a heavy favorite to win the hand. The safe play was to fold, which is what I did. It's what I almost ALWAYS do.

Although I took the safe route, I absolutely HATE folding a hand in which I am a favorite to win the pot because it means that I made the wrong decision. Making the correct decisions is why I play poker. I play poker to beat my opponents, to catch them on their bluffs, to take their money when I have the nuts, to read them like I would my favorite book...that's the reason why I play poker.

So, getting back to my original question, how do I counteract the player who goes all-in to a strong bet on the flop? Well, I guess I have several options.

1) I call his all-in bet once or twice, even if he has me beat, just to let him know that he can't try to push me around like that.
2) I make the same bet amount on the flop irregardless of whether I have a big pair or not. That way, my opponent won't know that I have a big pair. Perhaps betting the pot?
3) Check the flop.

I don't like option number 3, especially in a multi-way pot because I'm essentially giving the players a free card. I think using a mix of option 1 and 2 would be the best. Next time a hand like this comes up, I'm going take a little bit to think about my action before I bet...

Spain vs. Tunisia

Spain = Real Deal.
Tunisia = Not so good.

Spain + Tunisia = Spain

I don't like the -365 price tag on Spain, but I like it much better than -1, -215, so I'm gonna stick my neck out and put $365 to win $100 on this game. I do think that Spain will win this game by at least 2-nil. Giddy up. What am I gonna do when these first round games are done? I might have to start wagering on horse races...

Short 1000 ADBE at $28.93

I like this rounding top that's forming...

Covered 1000 ADBE at $28.96 for -$80

Alright...the markets are strengthening a little bit here. I'm not gonna push my luck. Don't do anything stupid.

Short 1000 ADBE at $28.88

This stock is going down...

Covered 1000 EBAY at $30.40 for -$30

I'm happy to get out of this trade with such a small loss as I was down over $400 on this trade earlier.

I think it's time to start making a list of stocks to buy on this next dip. The stocks that come to mind are AAPL, SNDK, RMBS, and maybe even GOOG.

NMGC...I might have to get rid of this stock soon. That piece of crap stock is killing me in my longer term portfolio. I think gold stocks are a good buy around here as they've dropped more than 40% in the past few weeks...I may dump NMGC to buy a cheapy gold stock...

Covered 1000 ADBE at $28.83 for +$170

I'm gonna take profits here as there was a nice a fluid move to the downside...

More Trades...

Short 3 YM at 11076
Covered 3 YM at 11039 for +$540

I'm still holding:

Short 1000 EBAY at $30.37
Short 1000 ADBE at $29.00

Covered 3 YM at 11082 for breakeven

It's the NYSE lunch hour...I'm gonna wait until after lunch to see what happens...

ADBE is breaking down right now. I should be able to make some money off of this short. And I'm hoping EBAY comes back down...

Ukraine just scored an early goal...ching ching!

Short 1000 ADBE at $29.00

I'm short again. I like the sideways consolidation after the M-top...and the markets are weakening right here...


Covered 3 YM at 11065 for +$227
Covered 1000 QQQQ at $33.32 for +$60
Covered 1000 ADBE at $29.04 for -$10

Short 3 YM at 11084

I'm still holding onto my 1000 EBAY short at $30.37.

Ukraine vs. Saudi Arabia

Ukraine got wupped by Spain 4-0 and Saudi Arabia tied Tunisia 2-2 in their first matches. Saudia Arabia is not that good of the team, but they almost always put up a fight. Ukraine? They looked awful against Spain. I think it's going to be a close match...probably a 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 favor of Ukraine. So, I'm going to take Ukraine -200 to win the match. $200 to win $100.

I'm down a total of $314 right now.

Pristine's Chart of the week...

For those of you who haven't read Pristine's Chart of the Week yet, make sure you read it because Greg Capra goes into detail about why he thinks "the worst is over" in this market. He's saying that a bottom is near based on his breadth and sentiment indicators...

Short 1000 QQQQ at $38.38

DTT pick. They covered their ADBE short for a 10 cent loss already, but I'm still holding.

Short 3 YM at 11081

Looks like a breakout failure...we should go back down to retest the lows...

Short 1000 ADBE at $29.03

DTT pick. They're also long QQQQ, which I'm not in...

Short 1000 EBAY at $30.37

The overall tone of the market is weak. EBAY should go down with the markets.

Switzerland vs. Togo

I didn't make a bet on this game this morning. I was going to bet on under 2.5 goals, but then I decided to wait till halftime. At halftime, the line was under 1.5, -200. I'm not going to put $200 on the under, so no bet it is...

Spain vs. Tunisia coming up at noon.

Morning update...

We're neutral again today. I'm not sure whether we're going up or down, which makes it harder to make money. I'm gonna wait until after 10am to make any trades...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

France vs. Korea

France tied Switzerland in their first game. I wasn't too impressed with France, nor was I with Korea even though they won their first match 2-1 against Togo. As much as I don't believe in France, I don't think Korea will have a chance against them. I think it'll be a close game, maybe 1-nil, or I'm gonna take France -1, -140. $140 to win $100.

Brazil vs. Austrailia

So, here's what everybody remembers...Brazil ONLY scored 1 goal against Croatia and Australia killed Japan with a 3-1 victory. What's the best bet here? My guess is that Brazil will kill Australia...probably 3-0, but I'm going to bet on the under just because I don't think that Australia will be able to score on Brazil. Brazil's defense is NOT Japan's defense.

Croatia vs. Japan

I put $180 to win $100 on Croatia in this game. Oops...I didn't watch the game, but I guess Croatia is not as good as I thought they were. Or perhaps Japan is better than I thought they were?

USA vs. Italy

I ended up wagering $310 to win $383 on USA to lose by less than 1 goal. I should've put $500 on that shit like I said earlier, but I chickened out. It's all good. That was probably one of the most exciting/nerve racking soccer games that I've seen to date. Three red cards?!? I hope they retire that ref...sorry piece of shit.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sportsbetting sites...

Here are the sportsbetting sites that I recommend: - This is the site that I'm currently using.

Sports Interaction - I've used this site before, there's only a 1x wagering requirement on their initial deposit bonus.

I wouldn't use because they adjust their lines based on customer profiles, so if you usually bet on underdogs, then they'll adjust their line against your favor...friggin sucks...

Czech Republic vs. Ghana

Both of these teams are good. However, Czech Republic is missing their super tall forward, which will hurt them just a little bit. So...I'm betting on the under in this game...under 2.5 goals. I'm wagering $130 to win $100. I think Czech will take this game.

BTW...HUGE GAME at 3pm for the US. I'm gonna load up on the US +1, +130. I'll probably put $300 to $500 on that game as I think the US will not lose by more than 1 goal...they probably won't win, but after their poor showing on Monday, I think the wagers are probably skewed towards Italy. Besides, we're ranked 5th in the world!! And we're +690 to win?? WTF??? No respect. Don't do me wrong Arena...

Friday, June 16, 2006


I made a boo-boo earlier. I had two open positions, Short 3 YM and Short 1000 MRVL. Before I left for lunch, I put stops on them both. The MRVL stop hit and I took about a $450 loss on that trade and then the YM trade, instead of covering my 3 contracts, it shorted another 3 contracts. I came back around 3pm and looked at my account only to find that I had 6 contracts shorted! I was like, WTF! And YM was trading at 11030...about 26 points from my stop price...on 6 contracts, that's about $700. Fortunately, the market has come back down towards the close and I was actually able to get out of this YM trade with a small profit. could've been a pretty expensive mistake though. MF'er...I gotta stop going to lunch with open positions... was not a good day for me...almost -$1000, so I lost back most of my gains from yesterday. Oh well...I still ended up on the plus side for the week, so that's a good thing, I guess.

Time to hit the pool. It's beautiful outside... I'm gonna watch the second half of this Mexico vs. Angola game from my money Slingbox on my laptop...

BTW...I played in a $1/$2 NL game last night. I'll try to thing of a few hands of significance and write about them later. I ended up dropping a whopping $40 for the entire night...not a win, but not a big loss either....

Three more trades...lunch time...

Short 3 YM at 11088
Short 100 GOOG at $389.00
Short 1000 MRVL at $51.56

This Ivory Coast game is not looki