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Friday, January 20, 2006


Alright...I'm heading to AC in a few minutes here. I was able to make a nice $400 trade today. I shorted 400 shares of ENER at $55.63 and covered at $54.58.

I also decided to sell the rest of my CALM. 3000 shares at $6.90 for a net loss of $630.

My shorted 20 SFCC Jan $15 puts expire tomorrow. So, as long as SFCC remains above $15 by the end of today, I'm $900 richer.

I'm still holding my 1500 shares of SFCC from $19.09 and my 10 shorted contracts of TRLG Jan $20 calls. I'm about -$500 on those shorted calls right now. I'll probably cover soon.

ENER looks like it's tanking right now...I guess I sold too's all good. I probably should've trailed the stop above the prior bar's 15-min high. But I'm not going to be able to watch the stock, so it's probably better that I'm out.

I'm bringing $2000 with me up to AC. My goal is to bring $10000 back. Hah...

Have a good weekend.

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