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Monday, August 29, 2005

Another trip to Atlantic City - Blackjack is my new favorite game.

So, I hit up Atlantic City on Friday night. We left around 4:30pm and got to the Tropicana around 9pm...a little too late for the $100 + $20 Bally's no limit tournament. I was in a tournament mood this weekend too, so it kinda sucked that I didn't get a chance to play in one.

I did, however, play some $1/$2 NL, $2-$5 NL, and some $10/$20 limit. I ended up losing about $470 total playing poker. I played for maybe 4 hours total. I've got some great hands to talk about though.

1) In a $2/$5 NL game, I had 58 in the big blind. Four other players limp in. I get a free flop. The flop comes 456. I have middle pair, a flush draw and a gutshot. I bet out $20 into a $25 pot. One player calls. The turn brings a 8, giving me two pair. I bet out $60 and my opponent raises to $160 total. Now, here's what I'm looking at. I'm most likely beat...he either has a 7 for a straight or trips...most likely a 7 though. If he has a 7, then I have 8 s, 2 fives, 2 eights to win the hand. And I have an additional 3 sevens to tie the hand. There was $25+$40+220=$285 in the pot. He had roughly $58 bucks left. With 10 outs to in the hand, I had roughly a 20% chance (10 outs times 2) of winning with one card to come....or I needed 4 to 1 roughly on my money to win. However, since I was going to tie with any of the 3 sevens, I only needed slightly less odds than that to call.

With $285 in the pot, if I called his $100, I'd be getting 2.85 to 1 on my money. Not good enough odds to call. If I were to put him all-in for another $158, I'd be getting 1.46 to 1 on my call. Even worse odds. I was doing all of these calculations in my head and I don't know why, but I decided to put him all in. In hindsight, it was a stupid move, but at that time it seemed like it was the correct decision. He immediately called and turned over K7 for the straight. A K came on the river and I was done for.

After analyzing the hand over and over, my first mistake was betting on the turn. The correct move would've been to check the turn. Then, if he would've bet out anything less than $40 to $50, I would've had the odds to call him because he still had a total of about $210 left. The fact that I put in a $60 bet on the turn, made me ponder the river call because of the odds. The only reason I bet out on the turn was because I may have had the best hand already. If he came over the top, then I would've known that he had a made hand. If I would've checked and he bet, then I would've had no idea what he had.

My second mistake was putting him all-in after the turn. If anything, I should've called his $100 raise and folded on the river if I didn't hit my card. Anyways, I lost about $240 on that hand. Lesson learned.

2) In a $2/$5 NL game, I had 89 in the small blind. There were 5 limpers again, so I limped in as well. The flop came 894. I had top two pairs. I bet out $20 and got 3 callers behind me. Now, there was roughly $105 in the pot. The turn brought a 6. This time, I bet out $75. I get one caller. The river brings a T. I think for a second and looked at my opponent's stack. She had about $70-$80 left. I didn't think she was playing for a open ended straight draw because she called me too fast on the turn. My guess what was she had a flush draw. I decided to put her all-in. She said "you probably have me beat, but I'm going to call. You have two pair, right?". Phew...she had TJ for an open ended straight flush draw and I took down a very nice pot...roughly $415.

3) In a $10/$20 limit game, I had 66 in the cutoff (one off the button). Everyone folded to me and I raised to $20. Everyone folds to the big blind who reraises to $30. I call. The flop comes 33J. He bet out, like I expected, and I raised. He reraised. Uh oh...I was done for, but I decided to cap it. The turn brought a 7. Both of us checked. The river brings a K. He disgustingly throws in $20, as if he had a monster and missed a bet on the turn. Before he even turned over his cards, I knew he had Aces. I called his $20 and sure enough, he turned over Aces. I played that hand wrong. I should've folded to his reraise on flop.

So, those were the three hands that stuck out in my 4 hours of playing poker.

I actually spent most of my time playing Blackjack because I hate to say it, but playing poker was such a grind! I ended up winning about $1000 playing blackjack, so I left AC as a winner, which is always good.

I'm going to look to play in some NL tournaments in the upcoming months. Maybe up in AC. Perhaps the Borgata open...$500 buy-in.

Stock check: I got stopped out of NTO for a $.07 loss or 2.7%. Can't win them all. The chart actually still looks pretty good, so I'll probably get back in soon. In the meantime, I bought GSS at 3.01. My target is around 3.15 with a stop at 2.98.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

$68 win in $.50/$1.00 no limit, NTO (stock)

I got back a little of my $150 last night in my $.50/$1.00 no limit game. I was probably up as much as $150 at one point, but I got smacked around by one of the players. He must've took me for about $120-$150 throughout the whole night. He took enough from me to throw me off of my game, that's for sure. I still ended up winning though, so that eased the pain a little bit.

I'll explain the two hands that this guy took me for:

1) I had TT in the big blind with one spade. Everyone folds to the button, who raises to $8. I'm the only one who calls. The flop comes J-J-7 with two spades. I check and he checks as well. The turn bring a 3 of spades. I bet out $8 and he raises to $30. After taking a little while to think, I call his $22 raise. He has $28.50 left. The best that he could have is AJ. I may have the best hand and if I don't, I can catch a spade to make my flush. The river brings another J. I check and he takes a second, then goes all-in. I call. He shows quads! Bad Read.

2) I had T8s in early position and raise it to $5. Everyone folds to the small blind who calls. The flop comes Q-9-3. I'm looking at a gutshot here. The small blind bets out $5, I raise it to $10. He calls. The turn brings a 6, giving me a double gutshot. He checks and I bet out $10, he raises to a total of $30. Now, I'm not sure what to think. This was the same guy who I doubled up when he had quads. I decided to call his $20 raise because 1) he might be bluffing and I have position on him, 2) if I catch one of my gutshot cards, I'd have the rest of his money ($63). The river brought a T, giving me second pair. He quickly goes all-in for $63...before the river card is even flipped over. Even though I didn't hit my gin card, I was pretty certain that he didn't have a strong hand because of his quick all-in bet. Unfortunately, I chickened out and folded. He showed 7-7 and rubbed it my face! Bastard.

Anyways, I hate getting beat down like this. I made the mistake of letting him put me to a decision both times. It's easier to put someone else to a decision versus making the decision of calling someone else's all-in bet. The logic being, "I can lay this hand down and wait for a better spot". Unfortunately, I laid down the best hand and called on the wrong hands.

Even though I won last night, I didn't feel satisfied with my performance. I made some nice calls and even laid down a King high flush to an Ace high flush, but I want to make the right call EVERY time. I know it'll never happen; I'll always make mistakes, but man do I get bitter when I lay down the best hand. Oh well, I guess there's only room for improvement.

Stock Check:
I bought NTO at 2.68 on Friday. It's been making a new high and holding the previous day's low every day, so that's a good sign. There's strong support at the 2.6 area. My initial target is 2.78. 2.78 is the 61.8% retracement on the fibonacci lines. That's probably when I'll sell my shares.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Golden Palace Casino - Live Dealers

Alright, so I gave Golden Palace Casino a try last night. I deposited $200 via neteller and started playing Blackjack with the live dealers. It was weird at first because the dealer had a mouse on the table and a keyboard in her lap. And there was only streaming video, no audio. However, it looked a lot more professional than GPC looked exactly like a real casino blackjack table did.

I didn't win one single hand for the first 10-15 hands! I was betting $25 per hand. I pushed a bunch of times, but never won one single hand. Then, I made a nice little run and got myself back up to $175. 15 minutes later, I was broke! WTF? Was this shit rigged or did I just get hit with a bad shoe?

Well, fortunately, I checked their website and they offered a 300% match bonus up to $300 on my initial deposit. Since I was sitting at $0, I had absolutely nothing to lose, even if the bonus requirements were to wager 1000 times my initial deposit + bonus. I was happy to hear that all I had to do was wager 4 times my initial deposit that was used for the bonus ($100)...and of course, 4 times the bonus amount ($300). So, if I were to accept the $300 bonus, I'd have to wager a total of $1600 before I could withdraw. And the $300 would be deducted from my total after my withdraw.

Since I had already wagered over $800, the $1600 that I had to wager was going to be easy. So, I accepted the bonus and started playing again. About 2 hours later, I was sitting on $1650. $200 of that money was my initial deposit and $300 was going to be deducted from my account, so my total net profit was $1150! Woohoo. I decided to cash out.

I must say, this online blackjack with live dealers is such a great idea. I honestly think that all online casinos will switch to this model eventually. As of today, there are only a few online sites that offer live dealers. We're going to bring them all to soon. So, if you're thinking about signing up, you might want to hold off on it for another week or two.

Oh yeah...after I hit up Golden Palace Casino for $1150, I deposited $200 at and cashed out with $800 within 1 hour! Crazy, but I like these hit and runs. This action is so much faster than grinding it out on the poker tables. I mean, the thrill of throwing down a $300 bet, then having to double down because you have 11. It's pretty thrilling.'s a good Blackjack strategy card that I found on the web:

Blackjack Strategy Card

Definitely use the above card when you're playing. And the secret to winning in BJ is to increase your bets. What I like to do is, when I see a lot of low cards come out (2,3,4,5,6) on the same deal, I'll increase my bet on the next deal. The logic being, if there are more Tens (T, J, Q, K, A) in the deck, then your chances of winning increases dramatically. This is Card Counting 101. That's my basic strategy for blackjack.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

NFL Challenge 2005, TFSM...

So, I bought TFSM on Wednesday at 5.09. Yesterday, it hit my initial target of 5.4 in which I sold all of my shares for a nice $0.31 profit. That's about a 6% gain in two days. I'll take it.

If you're looking to day trade or swing trade, you're probably going to need a nice chunk of change to get started. My suggestion is to have a minimum of $10,000. Anything less than that and it's going to be very tough to actually trade. It's doable, but you'd probably be putting all of your money into every trade. And that's not the wisest thing to do. As a general rule of thumb, you should probably not be using more than 75% of your money in any trade. This rule is just to ensure that you don't go broke on any single trade.

If you haven't read's FREE educational reports yet, you should probably do so as soon as possible. It offers a lot of insight into the world of trading. Here's the link:

Alright, so here's another stock that showed up on my radar.

NTO made a new high on increased volume 7 trading days ago. It hit a high of 2.89 on 1.73 million shares. Now, it's retraced back to it's gap price of 2.59. Not only is that great support, but the 20 day MA is sitting at 2.5. So, here's the play, once it breaks 2.67 on Monday, buy it. Look for a move back to the 2.89 area or higher. Perhaps even 3.4. This stock trades on low volume, so be careful. Stocks with low volume are a lot harder to get in and out of. Your stop loss should be set to 2.58.

NFL Challenge 2005

I've been working on this new game for our website. We should have it up within the next week or two. It's going to be fun. And best of all, it's going to be FREE. Stay tuned for more details!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sportsbetting handicapping - how do you do it?

So...I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out how to handicap games. I wanna know how professionals make a living by gambling on sports. I mean, there has to be some sort of method or system that they use to place wagers in their favor, right?

Right now, I feel as though I'm blindly picking games when I place a wager. For instance, the line for the Pittsburg vs. Philadelphia game on Monday night was -3 and with an over/under of 35. I wanted to place a bet, but I had no idea which side to pick. After pondering a for little bit, I decided to pick the over. It looked like a good number. My only logic was that TO (Terrell Owens) was missing from the game, so most bettors were probably picking the under due to him being M.I.A. Not only that, but the line opened at 36, which means that most bettors were definitely picking the under. And we all know that MOST people always lose.

The final score ended up being well over a total of 35, so I won my bet. But was there really any method to my wager? Nah...not really. I was basically gambling. And you know what happens when you always lose in the end (because of the juice). In poker, it's the rake that gets you. In sportsbetting, it's the juice or what's better known as the vig. That's the 10% that the sportsbooks make for accepting your bet.

Well, instead of blindly picking games, I want to learn how to accurately handicap them, so that I can make wagers based on proven winning systems versus random selection, otherwise known as gambling. I've done some research, but I haven't been able to find too much information on this subject. Here are some websites that I've found: - GREAT Stats Database - Handicappers League - Historical Stats in Text format - Another Handicappers website

I like all of the sites above because they allow me to take a look into the historical stats of all games. Like the stock market, I think that handicapping games should be based on historical trends that have proven to be successful. If Pittsburg always puts up a lot of points at home based on the historical stats over the past 10 years, then they'll most likely continue to put up a lot of points when they're at home. Base on this fact, we can say that the over/under for each home game should be higher than most of the away games. So, if the line is set at over/under 33 for a Pittsburg game, then it might best to take the over.

I'm just using Pittsburg as an example, so don't take it as fact. I'm not even sure if they put up a lot of points at home or not. The above example is just the thought process that I think is necessary to eventually become a professional handicapper...even though I know very little about the subject right now.

Anyways, enough about handicapping. Once I have it all figured out, I'll post my findings here. If anyone knows of a professional handicapper out there, I'd like to meet them, so that I can pick their brain a little bit. Please let me know.

I haven't played any poker since Monday night, so there's really nothing new to talk about there. I'm enamored with this sports handicapping thing now, so that's where all of my focus lies right now.

Let's see, what else, stock check:

I bought TFSM at 5.09 yesterday, after it made a daily low of 4.8 and closed at 5.13. A stock is pretty strong when it can break the high put in place after the first 30 minutes of trading (from 9:30am to 10:00am EST), which was 5.08. As of 1:23pm EST today, it has broken yesterday's high, which is also a good sign. My initial target is 5.4, then we'll see what happens from there.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dropped $150 last night!!, I got smoked for $150 last night at my $.50/$1.00 no limit game. It was so bad, that I lost all of my cash and had to borrow from a buddy of mine. Not only that, but I had to quit the game early! What da?!?

Well, to sum it up, here's how my last hand went:
I had KQs in early position and made it $5 to go. I got one caller, the small blind. The flop came: K-9-3. The small blind checked and I bet out my standard flop bet of $6. The small blind called. Another 9 came on the turn. He bet out $8 and I went all-in for $15.50. He called. The river brought a T and he chuckled and said, "I made a straight!" WTF? He called me with JQo, drawing to four outs. I'm pretty sure he didn't have the correct odds to call that bet. Oh well!

I got smoked, but it was one of those nights where I just couldn't catch a hand to save my life. I had pocket Kings a few times, but every time I got them, I didn't get any action. I had pocket Aces once and no action.

I did make one great read though. I had AQs in late position. An early position player raised it to $3. I reraised to $9. Everyone folded to him and he reraised all-in for $27. This was the same guy last week, who egged me on every time he had a good hand and then, stayed hush every time was bluffing. This time, he couldn't shut his yap, so I knew he had the goods. I folded reluctantly and he turned over AKo. Good read.

What else? At UB, I'm sitting at about $100 in cash. I just made a $1k deposit at Bodog too, so I'll probably be playing there for a little bit. I made the $1k deposit for sportsbetting actually, so I'll be doing a little of both there. At, I brought my stack all the way up to $750, after cashing out $300 , then I lost the entire $750 back. So, overall, I'm up $100 from that site. I must admit though, it's fun sitting in your own house playing blackjack and baccarat while watching a football game. If you go to the casino a lot to play blackjack, then trust me, you'll like this new site. I just found out that has live dealers as well. We'll most likely bring that online casino on board as well. Check out for more info!

Stock Check:
MSPD finally made a nice little run today. +18% at it's peak. So, if you would've bought on my initial buy signal, you could've had a profit of more than 20% already. So, the target has been met...time to sell. Here's my new stock pick:

TFSM made a new 52 week high at the beginning of the month. It gapped up and traded at extremely high volume, all above the 20 day MA, which is very bullish. It's been in a trading range for the past two weeks. Today, it came back down to retest the gap at 5. The 20 day MA is sitting right below the gap at 4.9, which is also a nice support level. It's time to load up on this puppy with a sell stop at 4.94. The initial target is 5.7, then we'll go from there.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

Online Blackjack...

I've never been a fan of online casinos because I think that they're all SHADY. If it's driven by software, then you can pretty much guarantee that software is rigged to generate the most amount of money for the owner. You probably have less than a 10% chance of walking away a winner at those software driven online casinos. Don't even bother. comes They have live dealers via streaming video. Super idea! Initially, I was thinking that the dealers were taped in advance, so that they can fix the games, but after playing for a few hours, I can assure you that this online casino is legit. Currently, they have four games available: Blackjack, Bacarat, Sic Bo, and Roulette.

After playing 5 or 6 hours of Blackjack and Bacarat, I'm up about $500. We've never really endorsed online casinos at because of the shady-ness of them, but with this new site, we're going to start. In the next few weeks, look for to show up in our list of affiliate sites. If you haven't tried it yet, I'd suggest you give it a go. It's real and they're spectacular. This new site will revolutionize online casinos.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Monday night game and more random ideas...

Let's see, I'll start off with my $93 win last night in my regular Monday night $.50/$1.00 no limit game. I swear it's like taking candy from a baby. Most of these guys are so predictable. And they're easier to read than a Harry Potter book.

I'll list a few hands here.

1) I have J7s in middle position. I limp in. A late position player raises to $4. There are two callers in between. I call as well. The flop comes J-9-3. I bet out $6 into a ~$16 pot. The late position player calls and the other two fold. The turn brings a 4. I check and the late position player checks. The river brings an 8 and I bet out $6 again. He raises to $20. After studying him for a little bit, I found a tell. He was sitting there and didn't say a word...looking very very nervous. The last time he raised me on the river or bet out big, he was egging me on to call, saying "you know you're not going to call...". So, this time, I called. He immediately says, "Good call" and turns over KQo. Easier to read than a Harry Potter book, I say!

2) I had A9o in early position. I limp in, along with two other players. I'm sandwiched in between the two of them. The flop comes A-K-Q rainbow. I bet out $4 into a $3.50 pot. The late position player raises to $10 and the BB folds. I immediately reraise to $12 more. I did this because the late position player tended to raise in position with draws, so I had to figure out where he was. I knew he'd call, but the plan was to bet out big on the turn to "test" him. The turn brought a 9, my quasi "gin" card, unless I was dealing with a TJ, in which case I was in big trouble. I bet out $20. He called. Uh oh! I could be in deep trouble now. But no...he's gotta have KQ because he just cold called my $20 bet. Another Q comes on the river!!! Uh I'm in deep deep poo poo. I quickly check because I wanted to see his immediate reaction after my check. An immediate reaction allows for a lot of tells. He ponders for a second...looks down at his chips, then says "all in" for $163, all within 5 seconds. MuthaF'er. I had about $160-$170 left as it would've been a monster call. Obviously, I folded. He then turned over KQ for the full boat. Another good read! No...another GREAT read..

3) I have AQo in early position and make it $5 to go. One of the blinds call. Everyone else folds. The flop comes 9-6-3 rainbow. The early position player bets out $8. After watching him play some earlier hands, I knew that if small cards came on the flop, he would bet out to try to take me off of the hand. Well, he bet and I called. The turn brought a 7. This time, he bet out $20. After thinking for about a minute...I decided to call because he was looking very very nervous over there. Like he had TQ or TJ. The river brought a "money card". He quickly checked and I quickly moved all-in. This was kinda weird, but he quickly folded...I thought that I completely read him, but he turned over K7o for third pair on the turn. So, he had me beat going into the river and I sucked out on him, but he didn't know that. The thing was, I read him for being weak and no matter what I had...he would've folded on the river to my all-in bet. And I knew it. Bastards...I hate people who try to bully me around.

So, those were my three great reads for the night. You might say that those are not really great reads...considering that one was a suck out, but's little hands like these that add up to make a great player. Now that I'm starting to trust my insticts a little more often, I'm doing a hell of a lot better. And one simple piece of advice that keeps ringing in my ear was given to me from a buddy of mine while I was in Vegas. I told him that I wasn't playing very well in the no limit game and he said, "Tighten Up". That's it. If you're not playing well...tighten up and see what happens.

Okay...more random ideas about what separates the GREAT players from the average players. The second biggest thing besides laying monsters down is to maximize the amount of money that you can win from your opponent. It's easy to win money when you've flopped quads, but what's not so easy is getting your opponent to pay you off.

I've seen one too many instances where someone flops a set and goes all-in when it's clear that his opponent has a strong hand and will play for small bet. If you're a 10 to 1 favorite after the flop and you go all in, you're almost guarateed to win the pot, but instead of winning $100, you might end up winning $10. Extracting the most amount of money from an opponent is critical in becoming a great player. You have to know your opponents limitations and exploit them to your advantage...ALWAYS.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you have TJo and the flop comes A-K-Q and your opponent clearly has two pairs. He has four outs giving him a roughly 8% chance of winning the hand if plays to the river. Now...if he has an 8% chance of winning...this means that you're about an 11.5 to 1 favorite to win the hand. That's huge. If you go all-in for significantly more than what's in the pot, then most pros will likely fold their AK or AQ because it's not worth it. However, if you bet too little, he could catch one of his four outs and end up extracting a lot of money out of you. What you should be thinking of is, how you can extract the most money out of your opponent without giving him the correct odds to call. So:

1) Betting $1 into a $20 pot is NOT a good bet.
2) Betting $200 into a $20 pot is NOT a good bet.
3) Betting anywhere from $10 to $30 is probably the best option.

Obviously, position has a lot to do with how much you bet as well because you definitely don't want to give your opponent a free turn card. What I'm getting at is, I've seen way to often where someone will overbet or underbet the pot giving his opponent zero options. If you overbet, then your opponent folds and you lose potential money. If you underbet, then you give your opponent the correct odds to call. And when he catches his "gin" card, you start crying. Don't let it happen to you. I can't stress how important it is to bet the proper amount in a no limit game.

Alright...enough yapping for the day.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

"nice hand"

Here comes the UB run and done:

Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #7315936-19092 at Albertson ($2/$4 Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 04/Aug/05 21:27:48

djeric01 is at seat 0 with $228.75.
tampawineguy is at seat 1 with $102.25.
boogster is at seat 2 with $82.75.
js323 is at seat 4 with $41.
grateful72 is at seat 5 with $30.50.
The button is at seat 0.

tampawineguy posts the small blind of $1.
boogster posts the big blind of $2.

djeric01: -- --
tampawineguy: -- --
boogster: As Td
js323: -- --
grateful72: -- --


js323 folds. grateful72 folds. djeric01 folds.
tampawineguy raises to $4. boogster re-raises to $6.
tampawineguy calls.

Flop (board: Ad Tc 3s):

tampawineguy checks. boogster bets $2. tampawineguy

Turn (board: Ad Tc 3s 3h):

tampawineguy checks. boogster bets $4. tampawineguy

River (board: Ad Tc 3s 3h 2h):

tampawineguy checks. boogster bets $4. tampawineguy
raises to $8. boogster re-raises to $12.
tampawineguy re-raises to $16. boogster calls.


tampawineguy shows 4c 5h.
tampawineguy has 4c 5h Ad 3s 2h: straight, five high.
boogster mucks cards.
(boogster has As Td.)

Hand #7315936-19092 Summary:

$1.50 is raked from a pot of $56.
tampawineguy wins $54.50 with straight, five high.


Hand #7315936-19098 at Albertson ($2/$4 Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 04/Aug/05 21:29:52

djeric01 is at seat 0 with $216.75.
tampawineguy is at seat 1 with $142.25.
boogster is at seat 2 with $56.50.
TacoZ is at seat 3 with $392.50.
js323 is at seat 4 with $52.
grateful72 is at seat 5 with $13.50.
The button is at seat 1.

boogster posts the small blind of $1.
TacoZ posts the big blind of $2.

djeric01: -- --
tampawineguy: -- --
boogster: Kh Ah
TacoZ: -- --
js323: -- --
grateful72: -- --


js323 calls. grateful72 calls. djeric01 raises to
$4. tampawineguy folds. boogster re-raises to $6.
TacoZ folds. js323 calls. grateful72 calls.
djeric01 re-raises to $8. boogster calls. js323
calls. grateful72 calls.

Flop (board: Tc 2d 2h):

boogster checks. js323 checks. grateful72 checks.
djeric01 bets $2. boogster calls. js323 calls.
grateful72 calls.

Turn (board: Tc 2d 2h Kd):

boogster checks. js323 checks. grateful72 goes
all-in for $3.50. djeric01 calls. boogster raises
to $7.50. js323 folds. djeric01 raises to $11.50.
boogster calls.

River (board: Tc 2d 2h Kd 8c):

boogster checks. djeric01 bets $4. boogster calls.


djeric01 shows Td Th.
djeric01 has Td Th Tc 2d 2h: full house, tens full of deuces.
boogster mucks cards.
(boogster has Kh Ah.)
grateful72 shows Ts 2s.
grateful72 has Ts 2s Tc 2d 2h: full house, deuces full of tens.

Hand #7315936-19098 Summary:

$3 is raked from a total pot of $76.50.
$2.50 is raked from the main pot of $52.50.
$.50 is raked from side pot #1 of $24.
djeric01 wins the main pot $50 with full house, tens full of deuces.
djeric01 wins the side pot $23.50 with full house, tens full of deuces.

Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #7315936-19100 at Albertson ($2/$4 Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 04/Aug/05 21:31:10

djeric01 is at seat 0 with $264.75.
tampawineguy is at seat 1 with $134.25.
boogster is at seat 2 with $31.
TacoZ is at seat 3 with $389.50.
js323 is at seat 4 with $50.25.
The button is at seat 3.

js323 posts the small blind of $1.
djeric01 posts the big blind of $2.

djeric01: -- --
tampawineguy: -- --
boogster: 9h 9d
TacoZ: -- --
js323: -- --


tampawineguy calls. boogster raises to $4. TacoZ
folds. js323 calls. djeric01 folds. tampawineguy

Flop (board: Th 7s Tc):

js323 checks. tampawineguy bets $2. boogster raises
to $4. js323 folds. tampawineguy re-raises to $6.
boogster calls.

Turn (board: Th 7s Tc Td):

tampawineguy checks. boogster checks.

River (board: Th 7s Tc Td 7d):

tampawineguy checks. boogster bets $4. tampawineguy
raises to $8. boogster calls.


tampawineguy shows Kh Ts.
tampawineguy has Kh Ts Th Tc Td: four tens.
boogster mucks cards.
(boogster has 9h 9d.)

Hand #7315936-19100 Summary:

$1.50 is raked from a pot of $42.
tampawineguy wins $40.50 with four tens.

So, now I'm down to $90 from my $326 that I had left. The things is, I expected this. I'm ready for it. It's time to "weather the storm".


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

WSOP on ESPN last night...

Anybody watch the WSOP on ESPN last night? Jesus Ferguson was up against some dude...I'm not even sure which event it was. Anyways, towards the end, this one hand came up where Jesus had ATo and the other dude had KJo. The flop came A-A-J. I missed what happened pre-flop and after the flop, but on the turn, another Ace came giving Jesus, quads, and the other guy, Aces over Jacks. Jesus bet out a little over 100k in chips and the other guy just smooth called. Then, a King came on the river. Jesus bet out 345k and after spending about 5 minutes pondering the call, the other guy called.

Now, here's the thing...the other dude figured that Jesus probably had an Ace, but yet he couldn't lay his hand down, since he had Aces over Kings. The only card that could beat his Aces over Kings would be the lone Ace left in the deck.

I've always said that being a pro means being able to lay great hands down when you know that you're beat. Who in their right mind would be able to lay a hand down like this, right? You have Aces over Kings with a board of A-A-J-A-K. The ONLY card that can beat you is the lone Ace. 99 out of 100 pros would never fold this hand. Now, here's my question: Is it correct to fold this hand, even if you're about 90% sure that your opponent has you beat?

Would you lay Aces over Kings down?

Jesus' opponent did not lay this hand down, and because of this, he lost most of his chips and eventually lost the tournament. If I were in this guy's shoes, I most likely would've called the 345k bet as well. However, I eventually want to be that person who folds this hand knowing that my opponent has that lone Ace. I think that it's this type of situation that defines how good of a poker player you are.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again:
It's easy winning money by playing your good hands. What makes you a GREAT player is being able to lay down your good hands when you're fairly certain that you're beat. The hand above is a classic example of the idea that I'm trying to convey.

So, here's what I'm getting at:
1) If you've never laid down a pair of Aces after the flop, then you are NOT a good player.
2) If you've never laid down AKs preflop, then you are NOT a good player.
3) If you've never called a bluff on the river with only bottom pair, then you are a NOT A good player.
4) If you've never laid down a set, then you are NOT a good player.
5) If you've never laid down a pair of Queens (or even Kings) preflop, then you are NOT a good player.

There are more classic examples of the above situations, but just read the statements above and see how many of them you pass. If you say all of them, then you are definitely on your way to becoming a great player. If you say none of them, then it's time to reevaluate your game.