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Sunday, January 23, 2005

more crazyness at UB...

After making a nice run at UB, I knew the end was near because there was no way I could keep catching hands like that. The "can't buy a hand..." would eventually come back and take most of my stack away. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when.

Boom. After multi-tabling a $5/$10 short handed game, I lost roughly $900 in a three hour span. Holy crap! Like I've experienced over and over again, this time was no different. My super pre-flop hands would get cracked by the worst of hands. Not only that, but I noticed that the cards on the board somehow found a way to suck me in until the river. For example, I had AQ in middle position with an early position raiser ahead of me. I reraise and make it $15 to go. Everyone folds to the original raiser, who just calls. The flop comes 4QQ. He checks, I bet, and he calls. The turn bring an 8. He bets out, I raise, he reraises and I cap it. The river brings a blank. He bets out and I call. He turns over 88. I, right? We both played this hand exactly like we were supposed to and there was no way that I would've folded my set with an Ace kicker. It's as if UB wanted me to stay to the end to punish me for winning so much in the prior sessions. If it was only this one hand, then I'd understand, but this happened over and over in that 3 hour span. The thing is, I knew this "downturn" was coming, but what could I have done to prevent this? Maybe drop down to lower limits to "weather the storm"? I don't know.

Anyways, after dropping 9 big ones...a few hours later, I started multi-tabling two $3/$6 short handed games and I won back 4 large ones. This time, in a 30 minute time span, I couldn't lose. I mean, I was hitting EVERYTHING. It was unbelievable. Not only was I hitting everything, but the board was giving my opponents a reason to raise and reraise generating even more profits when, of course, I held the nuts. It was the exact opposite of my previous session. I was sitting on the other side of the cards.

Now, due to today's events, I'm lead to believe that the poker software somehow does a calculation based how much a person has won in the last session AND the amount of time spent in that last session. I lost $900 in three hour span. During that time, I'm assuming the poker software assigned me a very low win percentage based on the amount of money that I won in the prior sessions. Now...after it realized how much I lost in that last session, it somehow readjusted my win percentage to allow me to win back some of the money that I lost. Sounds wacky, but I've been playing online poker way too long to know that these "rushes" are not coincidental, but rather a calculation based on numerous factors. What exactly are those "factors"? I'm not sure yet, but I'm working on it. How do I take advantage of these software manipulations? That, I'm not sure of either, but I'm getting better at predicting them.

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