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Monday, January 31, 2005

grinding it out...Tilt...HD Plasma TV...

Well...same old story, I've been grinding it out on the $3/$6 limit hold'em tables at UB. It's been up and down, up and down, so it looks like I'm in "that" phase right now. By "that" phase, I mean the only person making money is UB, from my rake. Looking at my stats in Poker Tracker, I've played about 10,000 raked hands since the second week in January! I wonder exactly how much raked revenue I've generated? If only I were my own affiliate...

So, who else thinks that show Tilt will be taken off the air soon? It's definitely NOT a good show. Nobody wants to watch a show about poker hustlers. We want to watch a show about a true rounder, making a living from his skills, NOT from his ability to deceive. I still watch it, but in all honesty, it's not that great. Someone who comes out with a documentary on a true rounder will be the person who makes loot. You heard it here first.

I just got my money HD Plasma TV hooked up this week. Let me tell you, after reading dozens and dozens of posts about HDTV, I finally saw for myself. I'm hooked. I'm paying an extra $20/month for the box, but boy is it worth it. I can't wait to watch the superbowl on that thing. It's friggin amazing. The Discovery Channel in HD is sick.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

$1500 buy-in no limit tourney - WSOP - June 3rd...

Won all my money back from UB plus always.

I just checked the 2005 WSOP schedule and it looks like the lowest no limit tourney is a $1500 buy-in event. There are two $1000 buy-in tourneys as well, however they allow rebuys, which I hate. I also figured out that you can preregister for the tourney at harrah's website:

I went ahead and filled out the form, so that they'd send me some more info on how to preregister. You're not guaranteed a spot until they actually receive the money. My plan is to win all of the registration money from UB, win the tournament, so I can register for the big one. They're expecting over 5000 entrants this year! Crazy.

I'm out.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

more crazyness at UB...

After making a nice run at UB, I knew the end was near because there was no way I could keep catching hands like that. The "can't buy a hand..." would eventually come back and take most of my stack away. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when.

Boom. After multi-tabling a $5/$10 short handed game, I lost roughly $900 in a three hour span. Holy crap! Like I've experienced over and over again, this time was no different. My super pre-flop hands would get cracked by the worst of hands. Not only that, but I noticed that the cards on the board somehow found a way to suck me in until the river. For example, I had AQ in middle position with an early position raiser ahead of me. I reraise and make it $15 to go. Everyone folds to the original raiser, who just calls. The flop comes 4QQ. He checks, I bet, and he calls. The turn bring an 8. He bets out, I raise, he reraises and I cap it. The river brings a blank. He bets out and I call. He turns over 88. I, right? We both played this hand exactly like we were supposed to and there was no way that I would've folded my set with an Ace kicker. It's as if UB wanted me to stay to the end to punish me for winning so much in the prior sessions. If it was only this one hand, then I'd understand, but this happened over and over in that 3 hour span. The thing is, I knew this "downturn" was coming, but what could I have done to prevent this? Maybe drop down to lower limits to "weather the storm"? I don't know.

Anyways, after dropping 9 big ones...a few hours later, I started multi-tabling two $3/$6 short handed games and I won back 4 large ones. This time, in a 30 minute time span, I couldn't lose. I mean, I was hitting EVERYTHING. It was unbelievable. Not only was I hitting everything, but the board was giving my opponents a reason to raise and reraise generating even more profits when, of course, I held the nuts. It was the exact opposite of my previous session. I was sitting on the other side of the cards.

Now, due to today's events, I'm lead to believe that the poker software somehow does a calculation based how much a person has won in the last session AND the amount of time spent in that last session. I lost $900 in three hour span. During that time, I'm assuming the poker software assigned me a very low win percentage based on the amount of money that I won in the prior sessions. Now...after it realized how much I lost in that last session, it somehow readjusted my win percentage to allow me to win back some of the money that I lost. Sounds wacky, but I've been playing online poker way too long to know that these "rushes" are not coincidental, but rather a calculation based on numerous factors. What exactly are those "factors"? I'm not sure yet, but I'm working on it. How do I take advantage of these software manipulations? That, I'm not sure of either, but I'm getting better at predicting them.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

like clockwork... stinks. I just wrote this long ass blog and when I submitted, the stupid site didn't work, so I lost the entire post. I might just have to write my own blog interface because this is a waste of time. Oh well...anyways...

I've been tearing it up on UB over the past 10 days. My bankroll has gone up 2000% from it's low. If I can only predict when these "rushes" come, then I'll be rich. Software programs are only as smart as the programmers who program them. With Poker Tracker, I may be able to accurately predict when these rushes come. And I'm pretty certain that there is some sort of logic behind a player's win percentage. My guess is that win percentage has something to do with one or more of the factors below:
1) the amount of rake generated for the poker site by the player
2) how much money the player has won within a specified timeframe
3) how much money the player has lost within a specified timeframe
4) how long the player has been playing at the poker site
5) how much money the player has at risk at the table

With these factors above, the software can assign you a win percentage to maximize the overall rake that they make from you. I don't know if this sounds too canny or not, but there has to be some sort of logic in their software. Certain things happen way too often for them to be considered a coincidence.

Has anyone ever noticed how a short stack always seems to win when they go all in? This has happened to me way too often for it to be a coincidence every time. I'd say when playing a limit hold'em game and the short stack goes all in, they'll win about 80% of the time, even with the crappiest of hands. Let me give you a few examples.

In a $3/$6 limit hold'em game, I have QQ in early position and I make it $6 to go. I get two other callers. One with the short stack (less than $15). The flop comes 267. I bet out and the everyone folds except the short stack. A T comes on the turn. I bet out and he raises all in. He turns over T2 to take win the hand.

In a $5/$10 limit hold'em game, I have 9T in early position and make it $10 to go. I get two callers, one of them is short stack (less than $25). the flop comes 45J. I bet out on the flop and the short stack is the only caller. The turn comes a blank, I bet out again and the short stack raises all in. He turns over A7 to take the hand.

The above two hands are not all that uncommon, however, hands like those seem to happen more often than not when a short stack player is involved. That's just something that I noticed every time I'm against one of them. Hopefully, nowo with Poker Tracker, I can keep tabs on these types of hands. For the time being though, I'm going to stay away from playing heads up with players who are short stacked because I know their win percentage is higher than mine. I'll let other fools who haven't realized this yet to deal with them.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

live action $3/$6 and Tilt

Played in a live action $3/$6 limit hold'em game. Won $230. My strategy is still working out. Call more often, raise less often, bluff seldomly. Again, the game was loose passive with at least 3 or 4 players seeing every flop. Of course I didn't play stupid hands like 47o or T2s, but I did play hands like 89o and raised with hands like 9Ts. So, that's 3 out of the last 3 sessions that I've won using the above strategy. Looks like it's working well. Only time will tell.

Anybody catch that ESPN show, Tilt? If you watch ESPN at all, it'd be kind of hard to NOT catch it, since they've been showing it about 10 times a day. Just like they showed WSOP every single day. My personal review: it wasn't that great. The actors playing the poker pros...they just didn't look badass enough like Mikey and Worm in Rounders.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poker Tracker...

Finally got Poker Tracker up and running. If you've never heard of this software before, then you should definitely give it a try. Basically, it's a stand alone piece of software that works when you are playing in online games. It stores every hand that you play in and calculates the stats on your play. So far, within the hour that I've been playing, I've lost the most money in one off theh button and I've WON the most money from the BB position. Pretty cool interface and it only took me about 2 minutes to set it up with UltimateBet. Giddy up!

Monday, January 10, 2005

These poker sites are shady...

In the past week, I've seen some of the absolute sickest runs ever. I was playing on a short handed $5/$10 table with this maniac who played about 80% of the hands. I saw his bankroll run from under $100 to over $800 in a matter of an hour or two. Not only did I witness this crazyness, but it happened TWICE! Another guy ran his stack from $100 to over $1000 in what must have been less than an hour and a half. Yup...I've said this before, but if only I could get my hands on the code that these poker sites run on. I'm not a hard core programmer, but I know my way around code. It's a lock that the software that runs these sites is somehow rigged in a way to create maximum rake for the company. Makes sense right? That's the only way that I can explain these mad runs that I've seen waaaayyyy too often. Of course, I've also experienced them myself one too many times for them to be a coincidence. Oh well, I guess everyone is in the same boat, so I guess I'll just keep grinding it out, waiting for my turn to come.


Sunday, January 09, 2005

VT 13, Auburn 16. "It's Au-burn Ti-ger..." ...bitches...

Went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl this past weekend. There's no other atmosphere like the atmosphere that a college football game creates. Thousands of fans in their alumni colors, drunk off their asses and barking their school chants on Bourbon Street. There's nothing like it.

Now...a little bit about my blog. Since, I'm having a little bit of trouble keeping this thing up to date, I've decided to shorten my blogs, so that I can look forward to updating them a little more often. I like writing, but I like playing poker much more.

On with poker... I hit up Harris Casino in New Orleans last week. For some reason, I thought casinos in the US were federally regulated, so that they could only be established in Vegas, AC, or Indian Reservations. Harris Casino in N.O. definitely didn't look like it was on an Indian reservation. And yes, it was fully licensed casino with ALL of the normal table games (craps, blackjack, poker, etc.). If they had a casino in New Orleans, then maybe we'll see one in DC some time? That would be a bad thing...

I played some $6/$12 limit hold'em at Harris. They had a few $10/$20 tables, but after getting the beat down in AC a few weeks ago, I decided to stick with the lower limit tables until I could figure out the correct strategy against a loose passive table. Just like I expected, in the first few hours of play, we had an average of 5-7 players see the flop on just about every single hand. "Chop chop??" chance, as the hands were rarely folded around to the blinds. Anyways, I was definitely a lot more prepared this time around. If I was a good poker player, then I should be able to adjust to the game, right?

By dinner time, I was down $250 and ready to bolt to get some cajun food. What was I doing wrong? After some pondering while watching the OU vs. USC blowout, we went back to Harris for some late night action. Our plane didn't leave until 6am, so we had a good 4 hours of playing left. I was determined to beat the live action $6/$12 game.

Finally, I was able to adjust to the loose table and got back to just about even. My strategy? Call more often, raise less often, and bluff seldomly. With this strategy, I played hands like 57 and 33 and KT. Normally these are not great hands to play in low limit hold'em, however with an average of 6 players in just about every pot, preflop, the odds were definitely there for me to play them. Hands like AK RARELY made me the money that hands like 33 made me after catching a set. Of course, playing a small pair to a raise is probably not the best idea. Since the preflop was seldomly raised, I think it was correct strategy to play almost all small pairs. So, here's my strategy once again:

Call more often, raise less often and bluff seldomly.

After a few more hours of play, I finally got my money back ($250) plus a few extra dollars for the cab ride to the airport. Nothing spectacular, but towards the end of the night, my confidence in my game came back. And I believe that only with confidence can you win at this game. Without it, you are doomed.

Till next time. -boogster